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Justice is Snow Blind

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Friendships are formed, Bonds are made and Treaties are signed




Justice is Snow Blind



Article I: Nonaggression
On a vast unexplored continent, as the Penguin army marched and made their way over the peaks and through the valleys of their homelands, they finally found what they were looking for. There it stood in all its glory: The Temple of Justitia!!!

Never had the Penguins seen such a sight as the Temple. When greeted by its Mystes and offered a place at its altar, it was recognized that no Penguin would ever come to harm at the Temple and that no Penguin would ever do anything to desecrate this holy place.

Both signatories will hereafter refrain from any form of hostile activity, hereafter defined as military force, internal subversion or espionage of any kind, against the other.

Article II: Assistance
No Temple can stand alone for too long and no Penguin Army can survive the brutally cold climate without shelter every now and again. With this new bond both the Rulers of the Temple and the Penguins know that they may be called upon by the other in one form or another if the weather on our continent takes a turn for the worse. If the Temple can provide shelter, it will, and if the Penguins can march, they shall.

If either signatory requests assistance in the form of military assistance, economic aid, or political intervention, it is strongly encouraged for the other signatory to provide what help it can.

Article III: Intelligence
If, while the Penguins are out hunting and fishing they hear murmurs and rumblings from the cold sea that would affect the sanctity or security of the Temple then they shall deliver these messages to the most high. If travelers happen upon the Temple and inform them of a hunt on the Penguins then the Rulers will inform the Penguin Army of the impending atrocity.

Should vital knowledge of a political or military nature come to the attention of one signatory that in any way affects the other, they are required to share it with the other.


Article IV: Cancellation
Should there come a time when the Penguins no longer make a trek to the Temple or the Temple no longer wishes to have the Penguins as guests, then the Penguins will find new grounds to migrate to and the Temple will no longer allow the Penguins at its altar.

It is the hope of both signatories that the friendship represented by this pact may last forever. Given the uncertainties of the future, however, it is recognized that should any of the above Articles be violated, or should some major irreparable disagreement arise, that this pact maybe canceled after 72 hours notice.


Signed for Cult of Justitia

Schattenmann, Presbyter
Don Chele, Hierophant
Biff Webster, Strâtegos




Signed for New Polar Order
Emperor - Dajobo
Regent - EaTeMuP
Imperial Liaison - Quantum Leap
Minister of Love - Medic32
Minister of Peace - Vindicator
Minister of Plenty - Mompson
Minister of Truth - WarGod0001
Deputy Minister of Love - Guus87
Deputy Minister of Peace - CBQuinn
Deputy Minister of Plenty - Bleeker
Deputy Minister of Truth - Fallen Fool
New Polar Order diplomat to Cult of Justitia - Thomas Venner

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Congratulations to Schatt and to Polaris!

Edited by Sarkin

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In all sincerity, this is a good one. 'grats dudes.

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Ehhhhh. I love CoJ with all my heart, but I'm not sure about this one. I hope it works out for everyone.

Edited by Vasuda

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More fuel for the fire :smug:

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