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Tezcatlipoca smiles upon us

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A horn sounds from the hills. A band of Aztec warriors fights back to back, surrounded, yet zealously resisting the hordes of screaming warriors howling for blood. Masons fight beside men from the tribe of Northern Lights holding their ground for the sake of their oaths. Blood is spilled as men jab at each other with obsidian blades, splattering across the snarling battlefield.

The battle rages and men begin to fall. First one at a time, and each side fills in their ranks and presses on, but then two, then dozens. Bodies clutter the battlefield and the screams of the wounded fill the air. Spears clash against shields and daggers saw through flesh. The Aztecs are on their back foot, but they do not falter as they push back and close ranks. Yet again the sound of a horn rings out over the hills, louder this time.

As afternoon wears on, the savage hordes fall back towards the trees, leaving the field to the Aztecs. They huddle together behind their shields to ward off darts and stones. They are weary, but they do not rest. The end is coming and they are ready. They clean their blades and ready their spears and sing warsongs to show they have no fear. Once again a horn sounds, closer now, more urgent.

The enemy warriors shout and charge with renewed strength. Northern Lights and Masons fight on grimly, taking enemy lives for each foot they give. They stab, they hack, they shout, and they push back against the forces that seek to overwhelm them. As the sun begins to set, the horn sounding in the distance grows louder and louder.

A clamoring is heard in the forests! A long, continuous, cacaphanous band of horns sound and as the sun sets a darkness emanates from them. First one, then two, then a band of Dark Templars charge into the hordes of savage warriors, breaking through to the Aztecs and freeing them from the surrounding enemy bands. Together the Aztecs and the Dark Templars fight, vanquishing their foes and putting them to flight. As the sun is extinguished over the battlefield, the tribe of Northern Lights, the Masons, and the Dark Templars pursue their foes into the woods, destroying them and taking many captives back to the Temple to be sacrificed.

When the sun rises the next day, it finds them all marching to the Temple to sacrifice their prisoners to Tezcatlipoca. A high priest rips their hearts out, and stands at the top of the temple looking down upon the three great armies. He cries
"Hear me, and BEHOLD...."












Assistance, Zeal, Technology, Economics, and Combat Treaty

Article I - Membership:


Admission of an alliance into AZTEC is by invitation only; This invitation will only be extended with unanimous approval of all member alliances.

Article II - Sovereignty:

Each member alliance of AZTEC remains sovereign, but understands that the actions of one member can affect the others.

Article III - Leadership and Governance:

Given the gravity of this pact, it is reasonably assumed that the rightful leaders of each member alliance will maintain close and timely contact. As has become the operating tradition of AZTEC, decisions are generally made upon reaching consensus among members through informal discussion, fostered by close friendship and familiarity. In the rare instance that consensus cannot be easily reached, formal decision making procedures are contained in Article VIII.

By convention and through formal agreement regarding bloc decisions, no one person is the "leader" of AZTEC; We work together or not at all. However, as circumstances may necessitate, a spokesperson for AZTEC may be named by and from among its members given strategic need.

Article IV - Economics:

Each member alliance understands and agrees that the strength of one member is the security of all. This principle guides each of us to consider the needs of our fellows as our own, including (but not limited to) resources trades, technology markets, rebuilding aid, and charitable works. Additionally, AZTEC reserves, administrates, and protects the alliance affiliation called "Aztech" to be utilized (or not) at any time in whatever fashion bloc member leaders determine appropriate.


Article V – Mutual Defense:

An attack on one member shall be considered an attack on all members.

Should any member come under attack, it is mandatory that all members come to the assistance of the defender. Assistance shall be defined as military, financial, intelligence, and all other form of aids other members are able to provide.

All members coming to the aid of another will use all means available to them to aid the attacked member.

Article VI – Mutual Aggression:

In the event that one member alliance requires assistance in an aggressive war against a Non-AZTEC Alliance, all members are required to assist by means of political, financial, and military aid.

Members should notify each other in a timely manner about upcoming military operations, or about potential threats; The element of surprise is best used against foe, not friend.

No AZTEC member alliance may withdraw from (either a defensive, or an offensive) battle until all member alliances have reached a point of exit; Nothwithstanding a stretegic bloc decision to rotate some or all nation rulers of a member alliance to reserve status.


Article VII – Intelligence:

If one member Alliance receives sensitive information regarding any other member Alliance, they agree to share said information and the source of information, with the intent to protect the security and honor of their fellow AZTECs. Guides obtained legally from other alliances are not to be shared unless permission is given by that alliance. Information shared between members is to be kept confidential from outside parties unless expressed permission to the contrary is given by the provider of said intelligence.

Article VIII – Remedy, Amendment, Expulsion or Withdrawal:

AZTEC has thrived for years on the frank, open, and close communication of each alliance's leaders and their memberships. However, disagreements can happen in any relationship. The first and preferred method of resolution is always discussion among the member alliance leaders. If informal debate cannot resolve differences, each AZTEC member agrees to abide by the formal resolution of this Article: Each member alliance shall appoint two delegates to represent them, allowing two total votes per alliance. A three-fourths majority vote on an issue, (including but not limited to; bloc policy decisions, charter ammendment, or a final resort vote to expel a member alliance from the bloc,) shall be accepted by each member alliance as binding and final.

A member alliance may at any time withdraw from AZTEC, following the customary and respectful 48-hour private notice period.


Signed for The Grand Lodge of Freemasons

Penedono, Grand Master
Lemax, Grand Chancellor
Auctor, Grand Knight
Ben Stalker, Grand Superintendent
Walking_Dead, Grand Treasurer

Signed for Aurora Borealis

Drake Spoke, Triumvir
Jutopia, Triumvir
Sarkin, Triumvir
Ace072199, Elder Adviser
The Evilest Eye, Elder Adviser

Signed for The Dark Templar

Bob - Triumvirate
AuiNur - cooler than Bob/Supa_Troop3r/TiTaN
Cartah - Auinur's Multi.
TiTaN - Warden of the North
Shirunei - High Templar of Finance
Protoa- The Last Reaper
Czar - the not so High Templar
Myworld - The Immortal Old guy in the corner lurking






"This day marks the dawn of a new era for AZTEC. We now recommit ourselves to each other and commit ourselves to a new destiny. A path not taken in opposition to others, one not formed by fear or loathing - one of true brotherhood, loyalty, and sacrifice for the greater good of one another."

"The Dark Templar shall henceforth be counted as among the Warriors of AZTEC."



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I very much like these guys. You Dark Templar guys regularly pull me back to Starcraft as designated team deadweight and it makes me feel wanted.  :blush:


"Though we strike at you from the shadows, do not think that we lack the courage to stand in the light."


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