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The Men With The Golden Guns

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Well DH hate on (because we can't use the T word anymore) pretty much everything and as I said, the Rush comment was a general rule not one specifically for this thread


As for LoSS DH issues, LoSS/GOONS was nominated several times for biggest feud ever, my reasons are more personal having had access to their forums once and nearly throwing up


Say what you want about "ebul aliances" but I don't often see a pile of NPO, LoSS, NpO and NPL members jumping into an MK treaty thread just to tell them they suck, or that an alliance has made a terrible decision in going to one of them for a protectorate.


So as has been said, haters gonna hate coz that's all haters have got



The GOONS forums almost made you throw up? Are you squeamish or something? I've seen their boards too, it's nothing next to a lot of stuff there is on the internet. In fact, it's pretty tame. 


You must be blinded by your own vomit if you don't see NPO/LoSS/NpO/NPL members crapping in MK treaty threads. Hell, the emperor of NPO came into this thread and threatened the alliance you're praising. Now, I will grant that Brehon has since admitted the intel he got was wrong and then hailed this alliance, so that's something that speaks to his character, but the alliances you think so highly of are no better than those you detest. 


Run along young one, the adults are talking here. 


(I'll join you at the kiddie table, I'm not invited to be with the adults.) 

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Best of luck to some of my oldest friends and their new alliance. Gibs, Tim, Tub, Emma, Lossy, Chim and all the rest of you guys have assembled one of the most impressive collections of talent and experience I have see. I know you will do great things and I hope you have a blast doing them.


o/ MI6


Onwards and upwards!

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What is the current purpose if you currently do not pursue what other alliances are currently pursuing?


As our Stagger_Lee so eloquently put it: To Fuck Bitches.  And to cause some ruckus.

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