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Despite some issues between myself and some Valhalla members in the past, this makes me happy to see.


Congratulations on the reformation, and congratulations to my friend chefjoe on his return to power.

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I'm glad to see a proper declaration. As I said in the other thread, I wish you all the bust of luck. Fighting by your side in this past war was an exhilerating experience, and I hope we can all do it again some day.


To inquiring minds,


Anarchy Inc. is as solid as ever. There is absolutely no ill will between AI and the new Valhalla. You really can't fault people for not wanting to forget their many years of shared history as a tight-knit community. I hope they can find many more years of shared experience together.

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Cool Story Bro! Seriously! Loved it! As I said in the protectorate announcement... NOTHING could make me happier than to see the Valhallan doors unsealed and reopened for raiding, drinking and raiding (oh and wenching!) oo/ Valhallans returning home oo/ Kry (just because she's the best of the best of us) :)

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It's entertaining to read all the DH posts kissing ass when 2 weeks ago they'd have been happy to put all these people ZI'd forever.


Yeah, its almost like the way EQ welcomed NEW less than 2 weeks after NPO threatened to roll them. Funny how that works , isnt it?

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