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Announcement from The Order of the Paradox

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We have just completed our latest cycle of elections and change prevailed as the Voodoo Nova-Bob Ilyani junta was brought down and we have entered a new era of Peace, Strenght and Prosperity. Participation was good and there was little to no voter fraud.


Here is the brand new government of Paradoxia:


Grandmaster: Yevgeni Luchenkov

Grand Hospitaller: Salajol

Grand Chancellor: Centurius


Our Heptagon goes as follow:


-Bodvar Jarl

-Deus  (just elected)



-SiCkO   (just elected)




Lastly, the previous government - with agreement from just about everybody - has awarded Lum L. Lumwood with the Platypus Ordinary, our Order's highest medal.


Lum is not a well known face across the cyberverse: he has never occupied FA positions, never held a major office or been in many alliances.


However, ever since he joined Paradoxia in 2007, Lum has been a fiercely loyal and active member, working tirelessly for several departments, habitually from the shadows. He's helped the Hospitallery, the Military Command, the Chancellery. He's fought valiantly, in the glorious name of Johan, in every war we've been engaged in. More importantly, he's kept hundreds of nations from disappearing from the face of Digiterra. Without him and his ever watchful eye, our Halls wouldn't be half as populous as they are right now.


Here's to you,

Edited by Yevgeni Luchenkov
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Tailsk is still Supreme Pony Lord of TOP
edit: I forgot for a moment Ardus joined TOP, I see it's starting to spread in TOP too...

He can keep that title as long as he wants.

And even when he doesn't want it, should that day ever come.
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He better, I havea large sum of money placed on him leading a fruity revolution in TOP. 


In time we will become The Order of the Pony.


Congrats all - and thank you Lum for your hard work.  A well deserved award!

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We are now officially a vassal alliance of Sparta. No matter, everybody knows we'll be fine as long as Lum is here to watch over us.

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Voodoo, my dear friend, I am certain your retirement will be far more bountiful than you could possibly imagine. 
Congrats to my friends at TOP - that's a great Stratephor-led govt you've got there.

Mr. Chimaera I represent a clientele that would be very interested in speaking with you with regards to a group of services...services that only a man with a vast technical background such as yourself is capable of providing.

With Love,
United Owns Talent Services
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