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Aurora Borealis - Sengoku Treaty

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Lumina Sanguis


Sengoku - Aurora Borealis Treaty



Amongst the battered shields and ragged armor, the crimson blood, and the shadow of crows, a light shines. Not an ordinary light, but a striking red beacon illuminating the arena. As the dust settles, we find the red hue to be strewn across us, on the backs of our shirts to the soles of our feet. It is that light that encompasses us, filling every vein and artery with its power until we become one with it. We are the light that shines down unto the land, from the sleepy villages to the decaying battlefields. We are Lumina Sanguis.




Article I: Non-Aggression


The signatories agree to respect their mutual sovereignty and not to engage in espionage or aggressive military, economic, or diplomatic acts toward one another.




Article II:  Intelligence and Aid


The signatories shall share all relevant information with one another, and shall provide aid of a financial, informational, or diplomatic nature upon request.




Article III: Defense


Should one signatory come under attack, the other will defend them. Should a signatory initiate or engage in aggressive attacks to honor another treaty, then the obligatory status of this clause becomes void.




Article IV: Optional Aggression


If a signatory engages in hostile activities with another alliance, the other signatory is encouraged but not required to provide military assistance.




Article V: Cancellation


Should one party decide to withdraw from this pact for whatever reason, it may be terminated 48 hours after the other signatory has been notified.




for Aurora Borealis,


Drake Spoke,







Elder Adviser


The Evilest Eye,

Elder Adviser




for Sengoku



President SO,



Daimyo of Foreign Affairs


Daimyo of Foreign Affairs


Daiymo of War


Daiymo of Internal Affairs


Daiymo of Development




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Aurora Borealis is extremely pleased to formalize our ties with an excellent ally and friend. In the TOP front of the war, we had the chance to work with Sengoku, and it didn't take us long to decide that we wanted to get to know them a lot better.
You guys rock, and I'm glad to see this treaty finally posted. Long live Lumina Sanguis!
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