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Equilibrium Coalition & Umbrella Coalition Agree on Peace


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I'll second that in every respect.


We salute you VE for a courageous fight with honour.


You can keep your horses, sir, and your swords.


As for the whiny AA shifting cowards of Umbrella; you may be crowing now about your intact upper tier but next time around, how many allies do you think you'll have left to cower behind? Methinks people will remember being used as meat shields to protect your precious warchests.

Well this simply false, everyone who changed AA had full wars from the start to the finish. I was one of them, and it became a gag after that just to see how many people still havent caught up with it.


Keep methinking pal, it wont get you anywhere. 

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That's my favourite DoW that GOONS got reps for, they oA'd with something like 10 AA's onto NATO and then charged us reps :D

Yeaaaah that's the one time I mentioned before.  My hand was forced by certain radical elements of GOONS which have since been purged.  Even I don't agree with charging reps of alliances you attack.


Or denying the ability to use foreign aid to defeated enemies either, of course.

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Good fight, all! Special thanks to NATO, NPL & RnR for driving up my casualties with such efficacy.

i'm glad we reached peace, but it felt too soon for me personally, i was preparing for another tour after trading nukes with some INT members, i wanted to refocus my efforts on ODN,
oh well maybe next time,
well fought, INT, you were put in a difficult position defending an ally and facing the "overkill coalition" (or derp rush like others like to say), but never gave up, o7
thanks to our allies UCR and NATO and MCXA for making this experience a good one
o/ LSF
o/ UCR
also our non-allies in the coalition, too many to name, but were always helpful when needed
o/ peace

Why wait? It's not like ridiculous unwinnable wars would be new territory for your joke of an alliance.
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Bittersweet ending.


It has been a pleasure fighting alongside the Equilibrium coalition. Cheers to an hard earned victory :)


I demand retribution on RnR and Legion for letting us stomp their upper tier. It was sweet of them but I won't stand for such nonsense.


You're adorable :P



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That was never the point. The point was that reps were not gotten rid of as was previously stated. In fact, while there was plenty of white peace to be had, the wars since and including Karma, included the harshest reps/terms to be had in the entirety of CN.


This was not about the actual reps but instead that reps/terms did in fact exist in almost every major war since DH/CnG took over.


::considers:: Im not even pr spinning.  I was and am genuinly under the impression that both sides of this war have a dislike of reps.  I know that has been CnG/DH's stance for a long time.  Its why the last gglobal war (and the first) you ever saw them take reps in was bi polar when they were pre-empted.   There have been no reps for the last three global wars from us.  And this has been a philosiphy, moving away from reps, that I think the EQ side has shared.


Rather than griping i think we should be applauding this as a sign that on both sides of the web a mentality is taking root of "fight hard, than shake hands and move on." 


Reps or no reps other than the nut-jobs we all know who actually won the war.  Reps dont actually prove that.  So, yes  you can call me biased in this situation.  But I still say this was an honorable end to a hard fought and good war.  And you all should be patting yourselves on the back for ending it in the same manner in which you conducted it.

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                  Great War action in general!  No doubts this has sparked off  Interest and Life  into our Game...!


Congratulations to ALL participant of the Winter's Great WAR of '13...!  WE ARE ALIVE...!!!  Pass the WORD...!!!




My warmest congratulations to our Avalanche's Allies  :  NpO,Crap... you fought with bravery, and Gusto...! ;)

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Pathetic Stat posting for the win.



The only thing missing was an eRuler.  Well good for them, I guess. 


Anyhow . . .


Yeah, some of the greatest individual wars I've ever fought in this war.  And everyone on both sides (at least on my front) were able to keep it friendly and cool. 

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Those of you running your mouths and basically spitting on this document and any talks of "strategic victory" or any of that mess needs to be ashamed of themselves. Not a single one of you has room to talk about anything as you peanut gallery run your mouths.

RV: Stop being an idiot when you post. NPO doesn't care and hasn't cared about you, move along and cut out the crap.

I am now using the Emperor's retreat and I will see you all when my CN vacation is over. o/

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