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Dynamic IPs


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well, the IPs are different for every country, ISP (Provider) and even different in the same country with the same provider when living in different locations - and they have a length of xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx numbers - each xxx up to 255 (with some restrictions, but consult wikipedia if you want to know it in detail)

So, the chance that 2 *random* players get the same IP (even after each other) and BOTH log into CN with that, is almost zero.

However, there is only a small chance of this happening if you have a group of guys who live close to each other (say in the same town) and are using a small local provider. this one has then only a very limited pool of unique IPs (depending on his size), lets say 65,536. Now if these guys play pretty active and only create a connection "on demand" lets say 5 times a day, and the ISP automatically gives them a new IP each time they log in, each of them "uses" 1,825 different IPs over a year. If you have 10 schoolmates playing the game pretty active, that way they use ~1/3rd of all available IPs of that provider over 12 month and the longer they play and the more often they log in, the higher gets the chance someone will get an IP another user already had at login. After 3 years of playing, it is almost certain it will happen.

But: from the login times and dates, and the IP-range in questin, the administration can clearly see such coincidence, so if u have a specific IP on day x and another user gets the same IP lets say 3, 10 or 20 months later, i assume nothing will happen.

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lots of stuff

Basically, you shouldn't worry, unless you fall into 1 of 2 categories:

1) Small/local ISP. Unlikely, because it'd have to be REAL small to have any significant chance of you landing on the same IP as another player.

2) AOL (AOL or "AOHELL" recycles IP addresses. Someone in California can end up with the same address that someone in New York previously had. Just one of many reasons why AoL is shunned by techies)

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