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EQ Coalition stages another intervention-- Because we care

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While sewing up their wounds and re-attaching their severed limbs, we once again received the call to lace up our tattered combat boots, clean the blood off our bayonets, and answer yet another call to battle in this most crucial war against sovereignty. No mighty army or powerful ruler can stop an idea whose time has come, and the great Equilibrium exists solely to see this idea carried into fruition.
On behalf of the Equilibrium Coalition. The Combined forces of DB4D, Sparta & others declare war on the Goons.
Signed for DB4D:
Aryan83- Supreme Commander
MrAstro34- Minister of Internal Affairs
Wifey- Co-Minister of Foreign Affairs
mankiller- Co-Minister of Foreign Affairs
Azteka- Acting Minister of War and Defense. 
Signed for Sparta:
DeathAdder, King of Sparta
Yerushalayim, King of Sparta
Aaditya, Ephor of Lykoi
JayR95, Ephor of Philoxenia
Balthier, Ephor of Mesoa
Stratephor, "The Stratephor"
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Redacted: By request.



2nd Edit: Sparta : 1 war.

                Db4D : 1 war

                Others: 3 wars


Its a sad day when the announcers are outperformed by unnamed others.

Edited by Rush Sykes
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