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Peace Announcement

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After a lengthy battle, peace has come between the forces of DB4D and UCON.

UCoN agrees to a cessation of hostilities and basic terms with Db4D and NEW and the rest of the EQ Coalition which are as following.
UCON shall not re-enter into the conflict or send aid of any manner to any combatant on the side of the "Competence Coalition".
Signed for DB4D-
Aryan83- Supreme Commander
Wifey-Co- Minister of Foreign Affairs
mankiller- Co-Minister of Foreign Affairs
Azteka-  Acting Minister of War and Defense
MrAstro34- Minister of Internal Affairs
Signed for UCON-
Reghar73- President
thelittlejd-  Secretary of Defense
Namayan- Secretary of State
Domina- Secretary of Interior Affairs
Terrence Krillins- Secretary of Finance
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