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A Message from the Council of the Everfree Union

A true true friend helps a friend in need, and we're tired of waiting to help our friends in GATO. We're honored to have a chance to square off against such skilled and honorable opponents, and I look forward to seeing you all on the battlefield. Let's do this.
The Everfree Union hereby declares war on R&R in defense of the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization.
Signed for EvU
Legatus Equus, Consul
Ignis, Minister of Financial Outreach
Neptunebyte, Minister of Awesome
chachonimrod, Wrangler of Smelly Foreigners
Godot 17, Minister of Morale
LeninRoxSox, Slayer of Celestia
Edited by Legatus Equus
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Where's the joke? I don't see it, Is it under the post?

I hope you tell me, I like jokes, 

A good joke is the best thing in the world. 

Unless its a joke written on a card. Or a cake.

I love cake, don't you? And you get cards too, like its someones birthday.

Oh! Is it your birthday? I didn't get you anything, hold on I'll be right back.

Edited by Furril
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Record time! Now this thread is gonna get REALLY good! And by "good" I mean it should be preemptively gassed.


It will be an ultimate pleasure of mine to make sure your party of traitors does not survive these events.


I wonder if I can convince the rest of our gov to charge interest on your very recent extortion of us.

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PS: Dearest WAE, isn't it slightly embarrassing when even your allies are tired of waiting on you?

Admin no. It feels me with great pride to have allies that are willing to dive into the depths for us. Against my advice no less. Everyone else gets to wait.
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