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Lord Jache Send Ravens Across Planet Bob

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"More and more men were pouring from the trees,
not only knights now but freeriders and mounted bowmen 
and men-at-arms in jacks and kettle helms, dozens of men, 
hundreds of men. A blaze of banners flew above them. 
The wind was whipping them too wildly for Jon to see the sigils,
but he glimpsed a seahorse, a field of birds, a ring of flowers. 
And yellow, 
so much yellow, 
yellow banners with a red device,
whose arms were those?"

~A Storm of Swords


Not so sure what heavy horse will manage these days, but always worth a good swing. Either way R&R you have two options:
Bend the knee and agree to lower the arms you have raised against us and our allies
Perish, and have your nations burned, your titles stripped, and your honor lost.
Ours is the Fury,
Almighty Hero, King
Roland Deschain, Hand of King
Metalbot, Master of Arms
Kesselring, Master of Laws
Jache, Master of Whispers
Lococnc, Master of Coin
David Stilicho, Grand Maester
P.S. If you are going to DoW us, please do not use this thread and make your own.
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