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Memo from Hooligans

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Fellow players,

Understandably we love our allies and when one comes under attack we all must make decisions to help them in times of need. This is one of those times whether we are ready for it or not, we'll help out whenever we can.

Cybernations recently has become one of those times when friends call in their allies. Boredom must have gotten the most of people and turned CN in to something interesting again.

Kick off some nukes, it's time to have a little fun.






Opportunities to hit anyone we want are out there.  Just about everyone it seems decided to hit our friends in CnG. It was a tough decision on who to hit with so many options out there.

For that reason it’s time to shed some pixels.

Friends are friends, and with that, Hooligans declare war on RnR in support of GATO and The International.

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