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Forum - http://z15.invisionfree.com/nfl_alliance

IRC - irc.coldfront.net #NFL

I – Membership in the NFL is exclusive, and as such, every new member must take a competency test prior to being given membership access, along with any questions asked within his or her application. A passing grade is considered a nine out of ten (9/10). Failure of a first attempt permits a follow-up exam. If the second exam is failed, the member is denied membership.

II - Upon being a member for Ten Days (10), members are subject to receive $1,000,000.

III - Members leaving the alliance must have first cleared all debts to the alliance. Aid (not loans) given must only be paid back if the nation given aid leaves before 30 days of membership within the alliance. This policy is to prevent nations from taking the aid package and leaving.

IV - The Triumvirate and League Intelligence Director or other appointed officers are the only people who are allowed to kick members from the alliance.

V - When joining, all members must not be part of any current wars, and must not be listed as an enemy of any alliance alligned with the NFL, the nation must also have payed all debts to any other alliance(s).

VI - All Nations under 12,000 Nation Strength are required to change to the Blue Trading sphere. Aid packages may be sent to help the transition move along smoothly.

Article II - Government and Members

Hierarchy (Lowest to Highest)

- Training Camp

- NFL Member

- Ministry Officer / Military Officer

- NFL Minister / Military Command

- Triumvirate

Triumvirate - The Triumvirate of the NFL consists of 3 appointed triumvirs who will have ultamite controle over the alliance. The Triumvirate has the ultamite say in all Alliance Matters.

Ministries - The NFL Alliance consists of 3 Ministries. The minister of these groups will be decided by the Trumvirate. Each Ministry aims to focus on individual aspects of the alliance.

Military Command - There are 2 branches of military command, the Military, and the League Intelligence.

NFL Departments - The NFL has various departments outside of ministries. The Departments are ultamitely controlled by the Triumvirate, who may appoint other members to run the departments.

a ) Ministry of Internal Affairs (MoIA) - Lead by the Minister of Internal Affairs, the MoIA department works on internal organization, internal investigation, recruitment, and the mentor program.

b ) Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) - Lead by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the MoFA department works on establishing relations between NFL and other alliances. The MoFA is responsible for creating treaties, organizing the diplomatic corps, and establishing embassies in other alliances.

d ) Ministry of Finances (MoF) - Lead by the Minister of Finance, the MoF department works on keeping records on all loans and aid given. The Ministry of Finances also works to create tech falls, aid chains, trade rings or anything else used to benefit the alliance, and to make the overall strength of the alliance grow.

Members of the NFL are subject to all punishments of the alliance while under the alliance affiliation, are entitled to the services provided within the alliance, and may enlist in supporting jobs of each ministry. In regards to masking, they can view all embassies and vital parts of the alliance forum.

Article III - Military Action

I - Official War can only be declared with 3/3 Triumvirate Agreement.


III - Unaligned rogue nations attacking or spying on NFL Nations are subject to immediate ZI without trial.

IV - Aligned rogue nations will be first handled through diplomacy through the leadership of the NFL.

VII – The NFL does not harbor any nations ghosting the “NFL†alliance affiliation. In the event that any nation is caught doing so, a series of messages will be sent to inform the member to either sign up for alliance membership or change alliance affiliations immediately. If no response is received within the time allotted, the nation will be met with force.

Article IV - Miscellaneous

I - The NFL Has a No Nuclear First Strike Policy in war. The only time Nuclear First strikes will be permitted is with the General or Higher. If a NFL nation is attacked by a nuclear weapon, then that member is permitted to make a counter-nuclear strike.

II - The NFL does not by any means condone spying. Any member caught spying on us, or any of our members caught spying on another alliance, will be Permanitely ZI'd.

III - Any member caught trying to provoke war with another alliance will be subject to banning from the alliance and/or ZI. We wish to remain peaceful, stop trying to get us in a war!

IV - In any case that all Triumvirate members are unavailable for immediate alliance attention, the 3 Ministries will jointly serve as the acting triumvirate.

V – The NFL is prohibited from merging into another alliance. We wish to keep our identity, thank you very much.

VI - Members of the NFL may not be part of any other alliance while being part of the NFL.

VII - All members are permitted to follow all posting guidelines set up by the Cyber Nations forum when using the NFL forum. This rule applies in any Cyber Nations RP related post.

IX – A Triumvir can only be removed if ALL Government members of the NFL have agreed and voted for his/her removal.

X – Amendments to this Charter can be suggested by any member of NFL. For an Amendment to be passed, it must be approved by the Triumvirate Body. The Triumvir can only amend the charter with a 1 day (or 24 hour) notice to the NFL membership.

Signed this day, the January 1, 2008,

King Najibbles, Triumvir and Commissioner of the NFL

Silcer845695, Triumvir and General Manager of the NFL

Deputy Dangle, Triumvir and Executive Chairman of the NFL

Edited by Deputy Dangle
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Before you guys keep going bump crazy, I suggest you read this.

Only bump once per hour. :jihad:

Over the last few months, the level of "bumping", posting in a thread for no other reason than to return it to the top of the forum, has become somewhat excessive.

Initially it has been decided to restrict bumping of threads to once per hour, if someone has posted in the thread in the last hour, any further "non-content" posts will be warnable.

Please consider that bumping of threads is a positive-feedback mechanisim, if one person/alliance begins bumping excessively, others have to follow suit in order to keep their thread at the top of the stack. By cracking down on excessive bumping, we hope to reduce the overall level of bumping in this forum.

Afterall, I'm sure you'll all agree that your signup threads look better without page after page of threads saying nothing other than "bump".

All rule announcements will be in this thread.

Excessively bumped threads may be locked without warning.

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