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ModEdit: The Great Rainbow Caper accords

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ModEdit: The Great Rainbow Caper accords


So amidst a sporadic barrage of nukes dropping in each and every direction, we found ourselves, by chance, ducking for cover while hunkered down in the same bomb shelter.

This Optional Defence and Optional Aggression pact between the Death Before Dishonor and the Multicolored Cross-X Alliance (DB4D and MCXA) is a result of our two alliances getting to know each other better. We are really doing this so that DB4D and MCXA can hack the Cybernations servers and become supreme rulers, Till then however here is a Treaty:
Article I: Sovereignty
Both signatories agree not to infringe upon the others sovereignty, and that they are both completely separate organizations.
Article II: Peace
Both signatories agree not to conduct any acts of warfare, espionage, or other acts of aggression against the other. If this happens, the signatories shall handle the situation properly and maturely in private channels.
Article III: Intelligence
In the event that one signatory gains intelligence that would be of interest to the other signatory, both parties agree to share this information between them.
Article IV: Optional Defence
If one signatory is attacked, they may ask the other alliance for military aid. Said military aid however is not required and their will be no hard feelings either way.
Article V: Optional Aggression
If a signatory declares war on another alliance they may request military assistance in attacking that alliance. Said military aid is not required, nor will their be any hard feelings if aid is denied.
Article VI: Termination
At any time, either signatory may cancel this Pact for any reason by private channels. Once notice is given through proper diplomatic channels, a forty-eight (48) hour grace period will be in effect in which this treaty will remain active.
Signed for the Multicolored Cross-X Alliance:
Chancellor: Jrkee
Minister of Foreign Affairs: AgentChaos
Minister of Defense: Roo Blu II
Minister Of Interior: AndrewHG
Minister Of Finance: Bryn1030
Members-At-Large: 14dwright & yosodog
Signed for Death Before Dishonor:
Supreme Commander: Aryan83
Co-Minister of Foreign Affairs: Wifey
Co-Minister of Foreign Affairs: mankiller
Minister of Internal Affairs: MrAstro34

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Congratulations db4d on your new treaty. Does this mean jrkee and yosoamazing gets to hit me ? Or is it the other way around that I get to hit them? YosoAmazing!


Namayan your always welcome to hit me  :P   





might as well ODN/INT/TLR/NG of anyone wont touch my defensive slots

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What's the point of a treaty? Seems a bit hypocritical.


What really is the point of any treaty if not to simply having something to post, and something shiny to look at? I guess it could also serve to ease the minds of those who believe that friendships only exist on 'paper' in the case that one party decides to defend another. 

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Hmmm, when did you become an all knowing government member of MCXA or DB4D? You're not? Well color me surprised, you sure act like you know a lot about us.   :rolleyes:


Back on topic:


Again, glad to be allied to these fine folk.

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