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Foreign Aid


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Well, aid is usually given by alliances to their members, like what Kaiser said.

Over at LEN we have aid programs to help out our smaller nations grow stronger quicker.

Also Aid is used in donation and tech deals. Also, especially during war, aid is given to help fund a nations military and pay bills.

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It has been covered basically. Foreign aid can be used either to help your nation or another nation, depending on who is receiving and who is sending.

Aid is usually sent for:

1. Technology deals

2. Donation deals

3. Resource Trading

4. Aid to boost your nation up (Sent from your alliance to help boost your nation's nation strength up, which boosts the alliance's nation strength up)

5. Recovery aid for damage.

1 Foreign Aid slot can send up to $3,000,000.00, 50 tech, and 2,000 soldiers.

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