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The Horde


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Our forums are located here. Our IRC channel is #Horde on Coldfront.

We are a new, and growing alliance. We are a black alliance, but accept nations of any color. We will protect our members and ensure their nations growth and prosperity. For any more information, contact us on our forums or on IRC, both of which are listed above. To apply for membership, visit our forums and follow the appropriate steps. Now, our charter:


The Code of The Horde


With the common goal of growth, protection, and kinship, we brothers hereby establish The Horde as an official alliance of nations within the Cyberverse. We strive to protect our members and our way of life in this dangerous world. The following is the official Code of the Horde.

Article 1: Membership

To obtain membership in The Horde, a nation leader must follow the procedures outlined in the appropriate areas of The Horde's forum. In the "Membership Applications" forum, the applicant must create a topic with the following information


-Nation Leader

-Nation Team

-National Resources

-Former Alliances and reasons for leaving.

Any more information that is required will be requested by a pinned topic in the forum, or if an official asks it of the applicant. Once a member is admitted by a Horde official, they must changed their alliance affiliation to "The Horde" to be an official member.

Article 2: Government

The system of government of the Horde is as follows:

Section 1: The Warlord

The Warlord is the highest position in The Horde, with many duties and responsibilities. These include:

-Overseeing the Foreign Affairs, Internal Affairs, and Military of The Horde to ensure efficiency.

-Speaking for The Horde in diplomatic meetings.

-Passing laws and changes, and declaring war. Has final word on everything.

-Appointing Higher Officers, including the General and Chieftain.

-Conduction Foreign Affairs

Section 2: The Military

Under the Warlord, the government is split into two branches: The Military, and Internal Affairs.

To The Horde, the Military is of extreme importance. The General of the Military will organize the nations to be a military machine. The General will control the Military in times of peace and war. The General will appoint positions within the military.

Section 3: Internal Affairs

Internal Affairs consists of many duties. The duties include recruitment, financial affairs, trading, and team issues. The Chieftain will appoint positions to help make The Horde a strong, stable alliance.

Article 3: Horde Policies

Section 1: Color Sphere

The Horde encourages all members to be have their nations on the "Black" team. However, it is not required and Horde nations can call home to any Color Sphere they choose.

Signed by the Founders of the Horde,


Shadow Slayer






Jagged Fel

Moonlight Shadow

Bobby Fischer


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