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Trust me dude, you have no idea what's about to go down.

I think everybody pretty much know... I just wonder how long it will take for other alliances to join the war. I could cite 6 (and I am not refering to the ones that already are in equilibrium but are not at full steam)?

Good luck and enjoy the war anyway.. Edited by King Louis the II
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Is there blood in the streets? Of course. Have some chosen to destroy themselves with careless DoWs? Undeniable. But I will make no proclamations, I will dictate no laws. The Gayroller moves slowly, but with wisdom. It is our impatience that invites in the Parasite of Equilibrium. And once you've invited it in, it will never stop feeding on the body of the city.

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You're acting as if NG's blitz has something to do with their activity levels. 


Historically, MCXA is one or two years behind on war quality standards. When they finally think they got it, it's not about that anymore.

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