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[font="Impact"]Federation of Armed Nations[/font]


The Federation of Armed Nations would like to offer our sincere apologies for not engaging in the pew pew before this time.  Frankly we've just been a bit busy doing what we can to help prevent a massacre on small planet, not much unlike Planet Bob, elsewhere in the galaxy.   It seems a group of mouthbreathers have launched an unprecedented assault on gun porn in a nation on that planet.  Normally we try to stay out of the business of nations on other planets, but the genocide they are attempting cannot be allowed.
It truly is a sad situation.  They want to end the freedom of hundreds of races of guns to reproduce and then stick those that remain into concentration camps where they can eventually be killed off.  They say it is for their own protection, but we all know what happens in those places.  Not a good place to take a shower if you know what I mean.  And not only are they attempting to kill off these races, but also to force the neutering of those and countless others.  Even the children.  A little baby Glock 26 would be limited to only 10 rounds.  [COLOR="Red"]Babies people!  They are attacking and killing babies![/COLOR]  Sorry.  I get a little emotional when it comes to the children.  Rest assured. We'll get them straightened out.
In any case we'll be tossing some nukes, busting some pixels and tonking some dudes right away.  We have some friends in this little dust up and as is common practice we will be fighting with them and against the people they are fighting with.  Duh.  We all know these things work by now.  So, if a bunch of grizzled old men come charging over the hill at you, that's us and we are at war with you.
Server of the Poisoned Kool-aid -  MrSmyth
Server of the Poisoned Kool-aidRichieRich
Eternal Server of the Poisoned Kool-aid - Jack Tarr
Gun Pron.  Get it while it's hot and still legal.
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