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Can't Touch This Treaty

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[center][font=tahoma, geneva, sans-serif][size=3]The CCC and the UCoN have had a long friendship since UCoN's founding. In recognition of this and our desire to maintain and build upon it I am pleased to announce the following treaty between our two alliances.[/size][/font][/center]

[center][size=7][font=tahoma, geneva, sans-serif][u][b]Can't Touch This Treaty[/b][/u][/font][/size][/center]

[center][size=3][font=tahoma, geneva, sans-serif][color=#494949][size=5][b]Preamble:[/b][/size][/color][/font][/size][/center]
[center][size=3][font=tahoma, geneva, sans-serif][color=#494949]This Non-Aggression Pact is designed to encourage good relations between the United Coalition of Nations (henceforth referred to as UCoN) and the Christian Coalition of Countries (henceforth referred to as the CCC). It is designed to serve as a framework of trust and to serve in non-aggression and peaceful dispute resolution between UCoN and the CCC. This agreement can be upgraded to an Optional Defence Pact(ODP) at any time with 24 hrs notice. Consent from both UCoN and CCC will be required.[/color]

[size=5][b][color=#494949]Article I: Sovereignty[/color][/b][/size]
[color=#494949]UCoN and the CCC acknowledge their respective sovereignty and independence of each other, and shall treat each other with the according respect.[/color]

[size=5][b][color=#494949]Article II: Non-aggression in war[/color][/b][/size]
[color=#494949]UCoN and the CCC agree that none of their members shall engage in war between each other.[/color]

[size=5][b][color=#494949]Article III: Illicit aid to attackers[/color][/b][/size]
[color=#494949]UCoN and the CCC agree that none of their members shall provide Foreign Aid to a nation or alliance who is at war with the members of either UCoN or the CCC, or who is engaged in espionage against either alliance.[/color]

[size=5][b][color=#494949]Article IV: Inciting others to attack[/color][/b][/size]
[color=#494949]UCoN and the CCC agree that none of their members shall encourage, bribe, solicit, or badger another nation to attack a member of either alliance.[/color]

[size=5][b][color=#494949]Article V: Espionage [/color][/b][/size]
[color=#494949]UCoN and the CCC agree to not seek sensitive information belonging to, or pertaining to, the alliances party to this pact, and agree that if any such information comes into their possession they shall not disclose this information, even within their own alliance forums or other relatively secure means of alliance communication. [/color]

[size=5][b][color=#494949]Article VI: Safe harbour to enemies[/color][/b][/size]
[color=#494949]UCoN and the CCC agree that none of their members shall harbor or hide the assets of the enemies of the other alliance[/color]

[size=5][b][color=#494949]Article VII: Dispute resolution[/color][/b][/size]
[color=#494949]In the case of an attack from one alliance member against a member of the other alliance, immediate diplomatic contact has to be established to solve this conflict in a peaceful manner. The attacker must pay full reparations and may not ask payment for his loss in the battles or be cleared for attack by the attacked alliance. Nations from either alliance may not enter the conflict until 36 hours after the initial attack if no diplomatic resolution could be found although resolution is encouraged.[/color]

[size=5][b][color=#494949]Article VIII: Equally binding [/color][/b][/size]
[color=#494949]UCoN and the CCC agree that this pact shall be binding upon themselves and all their constituent members both full and potential, current and future.[/color]

[size=5][b][color=#494949]Article IX: Termination[/color][/b][/size]
[color=#494949]Official notice must be given 48 hours in advance should either alliance desire to terminate this treaty. The dissolution of either alliance, or their merger into a third party, shall make this treaty automatically null and void and no notice need be given.[/color]

[size=5][b][color=#494949]Article X: Precedence over other treaties[/color][/b][/size]
[color=#494949]Any other defence treaties signed between UCoN and the CCC shall take precedence over this blanket NAP (i.e. if either signatory attacked the others direct ally).[/color]

[size=5][b][color=#494949]Signed for the CCC:[/color][/b][/size]
[color=#494949]Czechinthepipes, Chancellor[/color]
[color=#494949]Les Paul Supreme, Vice Chancellor[/color]
[color=#494949]Xander the Great, Minister of Foreign Affairs[/color]
[color=#494949]Scooby Doo, Minister of Defence[/color]
[color=#494949]ExodusII, Minister of Internal Affairs[/color]

[size=5][b][color=#494949]Signed for The United Coalition of Nations:[/color][/b][/size]
[color=#494949]President Hardin, UCoN President[/color]
[color=#494949]Reghar, Secretary of Defence[/color]
[color=#494949]Terrence Krillins, Secretary of Interior[/color]
[color=#494949]Domina, Secretary of Finance[/color]
[color=#494949]Hasansohel, Secretary of Foreign Affairs[/color][/font][/size][/center]

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This has MOM's stamp of approval.....


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[quote name='shergzus' timestamp='1358816125' post='3082720']
This has MOM's stamp of approval.....


Loving it /o

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I swear there was a PIAT treaty outside of Arizona a few months back

Grats none the less

edit: wait..wow..lol..when did UCoN leave AZ?

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