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Mauves Collective is a new alliance, but one dedicated to building young nations fast.

Wherever you go, you'll never get the attention that the Mauves can give you. But choosing an alliance is hard. There are many fine alliances out there and a lot of them offer aid and assistance. What you need to ask yourself is: how important are YOU to the alliance you choose?

Here are our forums, in case you are curious http://mauvescollective.ipbfree.com/index.php?act=idx

Good luck on choosing an alliance!

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I recommend you stay on None. :ehm:

True, true, none truly rocks (I was one 200- 275 days) But Yn5 is no longer around :(

But to the OP, if you stay on NONE, at least change the AA to "ksfgnmdnb" or somehing ;)

If you want an alliance, may I recommend the Communist Party of Cybernations ??

Nopes, we don't force you to build pillboxes per every house and / or worship Mao. No long bread or vodka lines either ;) Well, I recommend the CPCN because what gives our "unique" flavouring is not so much "Communist" but more so "Bespoke"- or "custom made." We have custom made development prog for EVERY nation, even if you join @ 5 NS.

But there are other alliances, please do check them out first....but none is fun too, most ppls make it out to be "impractical" because many neutrals who get a friendly visit from the folks w/ eye patches and barrels 'o' rum tend to go on "Whining overkill" than solving the situation pragmatically. But none is also a good, unique experience in CN.

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