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The Kingdom has gone too far...

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...into our good books! Again...

[size=6][u][b]Coalitions and Kingdoms[/b][/u][/size][/center]


In order to re-establish the great bonds between The Kingdom of Hyrule and The North Atlantic Defense Coalition, we hereby construct this document to be carried out by both sides in order to form an everlasting and fruitful bond of friendship and cooperation between these two congregations.

[u][b]Article I: Right to Governing Bodies[/b][/u]

Both signatories agree that each is a sovereign body capable of making their own decisions. Both signatories are allowed to construct their own policies and decisions that the other trusts they are fit. Shall any decisions be made the other is in disagreement with, that should be discussed and a solution be made.

[u][b]Article II: Cooperation[/b][/u]

Both signatories agree to work together in all sectors to achieve benefits for both. Economically, we both agree to house technology deals and hold trade circles amongst each other. Militarily, we agree to work together to find better tactics and strategies to learn and benefit from. Socially, we agree to keep a hearty friendship and keep disagreements behind closed doors to be held one-on-one and not be publicly disclosed.

[u][b]Article III: Security[/b][/u]

The North Atlantic Defense Coalition agrees to hold the Kingdom of Hyrule as a sovereign body under its protection. Any military action held against the Kingdom of Hyrule should also be held against the Coalition, as The Coalition plans to retaliate immediately. The Kingdom may come to the aid of the Coalition in any conflict, however, it is not obligated to.

[u][b]Article IV: Establishment[/b][/u]

The Kingdom of Hyrule is a vastly growing alliance and is incredibly capable of becoming a large alliance quickly. With this in mind, The Coalition agrees to hold a conference within 30 days of this agreement to discuss if this treaty should be upgraded to one concerning Mutual Defense for both signatories. If one signatory feels as if it is not ready to upgrade, the discussion will come once again in another 30 days, and continue until each alliance feels as if it is time to upgrade this document.

[u][b]Article V: Dissolution[/b][/u]

Shall any signatory feel they no longer can see the other as a friend, that signatory shall let the other know and this document should be followed for the next 72 hours. After that point, this document is to be perceived as null and void.

[i]Signed for the North Atlantic Defense Coalition,[/i]

Secretary General and Minister of Foreign Affairs

Minister of Internal Affairs

Military Operations Commander and Minister of Education

[b]Scotia the Brave[/b]
Minister of Finance


[i]Signed for the Kingdom of Hyrule,[/i]


[b]~Isaac MatthewII[/b]
Duke of Internal Affairs

[b]~Erik Schatt[/b]
Duke of War

Duke of Foreign Affairs

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I have a feeling that the topic title was misleading on purpose.

Congrats NADC!

Edited by Piejonk

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Nice to work with you NADC, looking forward to a lung relationship!

edit: ...erm because we share our air with you...yeah..

Edited by Isaac MatthewII

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[s]Sup MK?[/s]

Yay to our new protectoratteeee <3

We :wub: you KoH!

o/ KoH

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So many jokes, so little time.

Congrats on the treaty, and for having a good title. If you don't do it, who will?

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