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Of Vengeance and Vendetta; J Andres Saga: Chapter 3

J Andres

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April 5, 2058





Construction cranes in Danbury


ENDOR CUIDAD -- The newest budget approved by the Commune sets aside vast amounts of funds for infrastructure improvement in the western regions. This is seen as a victory for the Communist Party, who surged into power in the Commune last year.

Improvement to the infrastructure in cities such as Danbury, will lead to increased population growth in areas dominated by the Communist Party. The Communists control a large amount of territory, but many of the regions controlled by the Communists are also some of the least populated.

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April 9, 2058





Senator Webb (C-Danbury) announces his intention to nationalize Annan Enterprises


ENDOR CUIDAD -- Senator Cory Webb, a long-time Communist Senator from the town of Torrington in the County of Danbury declared that Annan Enterprises should be nationalized. "The hands of Annan Enterprises continue to purchase subsidiary companies year after year. Richard's Rebellion would have been crushed quickly if the Emperor did not receive the financial and military backing of Annan Enterprises. The company is too large, and J Andres should either own it in its entirety, or, the company should be broken up into independent subsidiaries."


Premier of the Commune, Nicholas Egorov (C-Hartford) disagrees with Senator Webb. "Although I agree with many of the arguments that Senator Webb has presented, I do not believe the course of action is correct. J Andres should not start down the road of nationalizing companies. My office will need to examine the matter further, but breaking up the company into smaller companies may be a reasonable approach."


CEO Maria Kensington expressed her displeasure through a press release this afternoon, "The scale of Annan Enterprises permits us to develop new technologies that would be out of reach of any of our individual corporate groups. We vehemently oppose this legislation and urge the citizens to inform their Senators that Annan Enterprises belongs in the private sector."


Both the Anchor party and the Nationalist Party oppose the legislation as well, which lead most analysts to believe that it has little chance of passage.

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April 13, 2058





General Thomas Malvern provided testimony to the J Andres Commune, endorsing the nationalization of Annan Enterprises


ENDOR CUIDAD -- In a shocking twist, General Thomas Malvern, hero of the Richard's Rebellion endorsed the nationalization of Annan Enterprises, becoming the first person associated with the military to do so. "Annan Enterprises control of our military equipment undermines our military's effectiveness. Annan Enterprises has a monopoly on all defense contracts. Annan Enterprises should be nationalized, or forced to split into numerous organizations."


Some speculate that Malvern's support stems from his new wife, The Duchess of Rossingol, who has made public her distaste for Annan Enterprises and its CEO, Maria Kensington. Malvern did not comment on his wife's involvement in his decision. His office stated that "General Malvern's rationale is sound and based on his opinion on what is best for the military of the Maritime Republic."


The legislation seemed destined to die a quick death, but General Malvern's testimony has granted it a new life. Nationalists who are not close with the Kensington family have announced their support. Malvern is a member of the Anchor party, and although the party has publicly ridiculed the plan proposed by Senator Webb, many Senators have also announced their support, trusting in the judgement of General Malvern.

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April 27, 2058





Minority Party Leader, Rupert Garfield speaks with supporters after announcing the Anchor Party Antitrust Proposal


ENDOR CUIDAD -- In the past few weeks, the Anchor Party has come across as the clear loser (besides for Annan Enterprises) in the debate over the defense industry monopoly. The Communist party has strongly advocated for the full nationalization of Annan Enterprises, and surprisingly enough, they have succeeded in convincing a number of Nationalists as well.


The Anchor Party is unwilling to set the precedent that corporations can be nationalized at the whim of the Commune. Minority Party Leader, Rupert Garfield released his proposal for Antitrust laws, that would allow for the breakup of corporations when it is in the best interest of the nation and the world economy.


Senator Webb, the author of the original Communist legislation has stated that he sees the Garfield proposal as a compromise, and may endorse the antitrust laws if he cannot gather the necessary votes for his nationalization proposal.

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May 18, 2058





Senator Webb is pleased at the passing of the Antitrust Act that bears his name


ENDOR CUIDAD -- The legislation may bear the name of Senator Webb, although serious compromises were made with Minority Leader Rupert Garfield. However, the end result is still the same. The Commune today passed legislation that permits the Commune to breakup corporations "in the best interest of the populace, when the market has failed the consumer." The legislation received overwhelming support from the Communist Party and about 50% support from the other parties.



"I am extremely disappointed with the decision made by the Commune today," Maria Kensington, CEO of Annan Enterprises said. "Our corporate offices will be examining our strategies in terms of dealing with this new legislation and how our company will continue to adapt to the changing world in which we live in."


The legislation passed in the Commune today will not automatically force the break up of Annan Enterprises. Rather, the Commune will need to determine if Annan Enterprises is in violation of the Webb Antitrust Act, and then will require a 65% majority in order to force the break up. Based on the support of the legislation today, the break up of Annan Enterprises is nearly inevitable.

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June 20, 2058





Lily, Duchess of Rossingol smiled as she read the news report. "Annan Enterprises Sells Subsidiaries," she said out loud.


Her husband, Thomas Malvern looked up from his breakfast, "Is everything alright?" he asked.


Lily nodded her head and retreated to her office. Maria Kensington, Baroness of Colchester had not made life easy for Lily for the past few years. As the CEO of Annan Enterprises the Baroness thought she was the most deserving of the Annan clan. She had more money than she could spend but she desired power. As fate would have it, the crown of the duchy fell onto the lap of Lily. There were five others between Lily and Maria on the order of succession, but that didn't discourage her.


Lily received word that Maria had been promised the Duchy of Rossingol if she assisted in the Emperor's Rebellion last year. The rebellion halted life in J Andres and Lily could not believe that Maria would go to such lengths to wear a crown. Since then, Lily had decided to play the game as well. It was her husband's endorsement of the Antitrust Act that tipped the scales in support for the legislation. And now, today, Lily held the newspaper that showed how Maria's financial empire had come crumbling to the ground. A quick thumbtack secured the newspaper to the wall--Lily would want to remember this accomplishment for a long time.




Kensington Mews Shipbuilding and Annan Arms will remain as subsidiary companies of Annan Enterprises.

Rossingol Motors has been purchased by JTech Industries.

Ares Security has been purchased by Anchor Security.

Thames Rotorcraft has been spun off as an independent corporate entity.

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July 31, 2058


J Andres Military Status Report
Prepared by Anton Rasmussen, Minister of War & Defense

Total Soldiers: 400,000 (305,000 Active, 95,000 Reserves)
Tanks: 500 (MAX: 2000)
Aircraft: 46 (MAX: 60)
Naval Vessels: none

Soldiers Armed with a Mix of weapons purchased from Marscurian Military Works and Annan Arms
Tanks: M18 Tank Destroyers (Marscurian Military Works)
Troop Transport Vehicles: M2 Trucks (150) (Marscurian Military Works)
Helicopters: UH-1 iroquois (20) (Hershey Defense Systems), [url="http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Thames_CH-06"]CH-06[/url] (18) (Thames Rotorcraft), [url="http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Thames_AH-12_Albatross"]AH-12[/url] (8) (Thames Rotorcraft)
Other Artillery: M198 Howitzer (125) (Hershey Defense Systems)
Calling the reserves to active duty will likely take 48 hours.

Missile Defense System: Located in Endor Cuidad, Rossingol, Boston, Danbury, Puerto Pacis.

Production Contracts:
14x Thames Rotorcraft [url=http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Thames_F-1_Raven]F-1[/url], delivered by end of 2059

150x Rossingol Motors [url=http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Rossingol_M1_Miller]M1[/url], delivered annually

TROOP ASSIGNMENTS (Current/Capacity)

Fort Farnum, Endor Cuidad (40,000/50,000)
Fort Cianci, Providence (20,000/30,000)
Fort Royal, Newport (15,000/20,000)
Fort Benjamin Richards, Boston (35,000/50,000)
Fort Adrik Annan, Rossingol (40,000/50,000)
Fort Jack Bosco, Danbury (40,000/50,000)
Salty Brine Outpost, Narragansett (15,000/15,000)
Roger Ahmadinejad Outpost, Hartford (15,000/15,000)
Alex Miller Outpost, Waterbury (15,000/15,000)
Julio Duclos Outpost, New Haven (15,000/15,000)
Richard Mercton Outpost Springfield (15,000/15,000)
Jack Bauer Outpost, Lowell (15,000/15,000)
Joel Brunel Outpost, Mercton Cuidad (15,000/15,000)
Thames Outpost, New London, (10,000/20,000)
Woodrow Kissinger Air Force Base, Quonset (46/60 Aircraft)

At our direction, Thames Rotorcraft will be focusing on traditional aircraft in lieu of helicopter construction in the upcoming contract year. 14 F-1 Ravens have been ordered through the end of 2059.

We will be ordering a significant number of Rossingol Motor M1 Tanks, in an effort to phase out the Marscurian M18s before they reach end-of-life.

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January 2, 2059




NEWPORT -- Two new governors were inaugurated this morning in the provinces of Newport and Puerto Pacis. Both exiting governors (Tim Cooper & Ashley Carpenter) were of the Nationalist Party, and both incoming governors (Aaron Perry & Paul Douglas) are of the Anchor Party.


The loss of two Nationalist Governorships is attributed to retaliation against the Nationalist Party for their involvement in Emperor Richard's Rebellion in 2057. Although the governorships are for the two provinces with the lowest population in the country, it represents a growing movement from the policies of the current Nationalist Party leadership. As the popularity of President McDowell increases, the Anchor Party continues to improve.

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August 18, 2059




PROVIDENCE -- Recent discoveries over the past few months have lead to the skyrocketing stock prices of both Pfizer Quigley and JTech Industries. Marissa Roth, CEO of Pfizer Quigley announced that their new cholesterol control medication would reach the market in a matter of weeks. This is the fifth major drug release from the company this year.


Meanwhile, JTech Industries has been working on recreating the internet of the past. The technology for a stable network was lost during the last collapse of J Andres, but JTech engineers have now successfully reestablished a LAN via telephone wires.




OOC: Been doing a lot of overtime at work recently. Things will continue to be busy until the end of the month. Looking forward to increased activity after that.

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May 16, 2060




ENDOR CUIDAD -- For the first time in recent memory, the incumbent President, Evan McDowell, may remain unchallenged for the Presidency. The deadline is only two weeks away on May 31.

The President's approval rating is around 65%, but his disapproval rating in the single digits. The Anchor Times has only recently started tracking the disapproval rating for public figures, so his disapproval rating cannot be compared to past presidents.


The Nationalist Party chairman, Emily Gibbons, has announced that the party will field a candidate, and the leadership is working on selection process as we speak. Gordon Murray, our chief political correspondent disagrees. "After the Nationalists humiliating losses in the midterm gubernatorial elections, I expect that most nationalists realize that 2060 will not be their year. Richard's Rebellion was not the final nail in the Nationalist coffin, but it was pretty close. The Nationalists will need to reevaluate many of their positions before they can field an effective candidate. Meanwhile, the Communists have become complacent with McDowell, who has worked closely with their leadership in the Commune. I believe the Communists will eventually field a candidate, but they won't be terribly disappointed if they don't take the Presidency."

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January 3, 2061




ENDOR CUIDAD -- Evan McDowell was relaxed as he took the inaugural oath for the third time this morning. Unlike the political fervor that erupted shortly after his last inaugural, the Andrean political climate is much more hospitable.


The economy of J Andres has thrived in the years following the rebellion. Cambridge Electronics have brought the wonders of the internet to most of the populated areas. The cities have repaired the damage and the population has grown wealthy collecting the peace dividend.


The question is how long the harmony will last. If McDowell indicates that he may not run for a fourth term, an unprecedented amount of time, then the political harmony will come to an end as the politicians jockey to become the next logical successor.




OOC: Should now be back to full activity

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