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A New Moon...

Captain Enema

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With the sudden vacuum on the moon, ie. Lynneth's mysterious disappearance, we are left with a few choices. In the spirit of things I'd like to highlight a few suggestions for discussion in order to bring some .... very basic suggestions to the rping of lunar holdings.

1) So we seem to be playing it as if the Solar Empire collapsed and their equipment is either badly damaged or in terrible repair. There is nothing saying a person can't repair a habitat, but it's not going to be as simple as changing the lightbulbs to bring it to full occupancy. However, bringing it to limited occupancy might be another story.

2) There are no suggestions of creating a map for the moon, please, let's keep it this way.

3) There are no rules so far for building colonies on the moon beyond needing an in game wonder, I support this and will be doing the following to bring my own large colony into compliance.
- As soon as I can I'll get the MoonBase Wonder.
- Until then I'll depend upon support from those who do have the technical prowess to do the more difficult repairs needed to keep my moonbase operational.
- I'm pondering reducing the population to something more modest, it sits at 113,000 at the moment.

While I was opposed to bringing space rp into canon with the rest of CNRP, I wonder now if that is a wise course? I do not want to see space rp becoming a confusing mess of rules, but neither do I want to see people metagaming by making moves for other rpers and other shoddy rp.

Let's discuss this, I don't want to see a big argument over this, this is great opprotunity for all of us to have a wide open frontier with no map to bother with. The damaged habitats can still support life, but under limited occupancy, giving smaller nations a chance at their lunar glory as well. So in the spirit of this, let's keep the discussion light hearted and aimed towards remembering that while we don't always agree, there is no reason why we can't be civil (hur hur).

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Tianxia has a lunar wonder, our current operations consist of a few hundred thousand human overlords in largerly administrative and technical roles with large populations of robots to do much of the manual labor in the vacuum environment.

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I'll just put in my bits:

1. Same basic standards of RPing (no metagaming, no god moding) should apply regardless of non-canonity
2. You need at least a space wonder to have small-scale floating colonies, and moon/mars wonders to have permanent stuff on those two locations and also have large-scale colonies. Perhaps we can use the "Stores x% of citizen count at time of purchase" thing to give an approximate amount of people you can support.

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[quote name='Tidy Bowl Man' timestamp='1350700274' post='3043209']
Perhaps just a space wonder to make a fringe colony in one of the damaged habitats? Barely hanging on by the skin of their teeth, all firefly style?

I'll launch anyone into space who wants to.

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[quote name='Tidy Bowl Man' timestamp='1350710413' post='3043252']
That's fine, but I'm talking about allowing people to try to eke out a living in the damaged habitats left over from the Solly Reign of Terror.

Oh, I didn't say I'd support them... Just that I'd launch them. They can go MacGyver themselves a spaceship together out of old Lunar Republic parts or something. >_>

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