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An annoucement from Avalanche

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[center]In accordance with our charter, we here at Avalanche held our election at the end of September for the leader of our alliance. After a series of close races, a leader emerged and has annouced his government – It is as follows:[/center]

[center][b]Alpine Patroller [/b]– Sir Exodus[/center]

[center][b]Nordic Patroller/Military [/b]- Melchizedek[/center]

[center][b]Mountain Host/Academy Professor [/b]– Minion Rouse[/center]

[center][b]Auxillary Patrollers:[/b][/center]
[center][i]Growth and Recruitment – [/i]Don Supremo (aka "Ambassador Extraordinaire and God's Man of Avalanche")[/center]
[center][i]Development and Aid – [/i]Nitropenta[/center]

[center]We look to march Avalache forward and see her prosper. Celebrations can be found here (IRC: #Avalanche) and here ([url="http://www.ski-lodge.net/index.php"]http://www.ski-lodge.net/index.php[/url]).[/center]

[center]Thank you,[/center]

[center]Sir Exodus - Alpine Patroller[/center]

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[size=5][color=#FF8C00] ... So Help us God...![/color][/size]

We will work. We will toil.

We will Reach,The Glorious

Home, Of The Victorious...!

[color=#00ff00][size=5] ...So Help us God ![/size][/color]

[size=5] [/size]o/ AVALANCHE ! ! ! :smug: Edited by HDSupreme
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