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The Global Democratic Alliance


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I would like to invite you all to join my alliance the Global Democratic Alliance. Like all those other alliances we offer you protection, aid and all that stuff

So what’s different in GDA:
-we give you 6 million in starting aid
-we have a great education system where guides are available for you to use and our members will teach you everything about this game
- 24/7 Live chat where you can talk to members and just hang out
-we have tech deals and trade circles for you to join which will help your nation grow faster
-We have a wonder aid program for all members to use
-we are democratic so you will always be heard

If you would like to learn more about GDA or would like to apply for membership within the alliance, http://www.gdacn.com/forums/topic/15954-application-directions/ and post an application.

Thank you and feel to ask any questions! Hope to see you soon!


Minister of Recruitment for the GDA

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