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La Inauguración

Voodoo Nova

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The Legislative Palace of Saint Lazarus was full of spectators today as the inauguration of President-Elect Enrique Peña Nieto began. An estimated 25,000 citizens from across Mexico came to watch the ceremony, while millions more listened on the radio or watched the ceremony on television. The outside of the Legislative Palace had large Mexican flags draping down with lights displaying the national colors shown upon them. President Calzada walked on to the stage. He was dressed in a dark black suit and a dark blue tie. On the right lapel of his suit jacket sat a Presidential flag pin. His hair had streaks of grey; his face had distinguishing lines of stress; his build was not as strong as it was the day he took office. Six years of leading one of the world’s leading superpowers took its toll on the middle-aged man.

In contrast to José, Enrique was in a deep navy suit and a vivid red tie. On the left lapel of his suit sat a pin of the Mexican flag. His black hair was thick and flowed in the slight breeze. His face had a youthful optimism that has not seen the dark side of the country. Enrique was currently standing to the right of the current president, who was currently speaking.

“This nation has seen an expansion of land, economic strength and security, regional influence and world influence beyond the accomplished of any predecessor in Mexican history. We have seen a rise in education and wealth for Mexican citizens. We have seen a rise in military strength. We have seen a rise in Mexican interests in America and abroad protected.

Our position in this world is secure. Our economy is secure. Our people are secure. It has been a great honor to serve this nation as its first President. Even in this prosperous time, our country still faces challenges here and abroad. President-Elect Enrique Peña Nieto will meet these challenges. He will further our era of prosperity and continue the Golden Age of Mexico.”

After his quick statement, President José Calzada stepped to the side to allow Enrique to take the Presidential Oath. Enrique stepped forward to the podium and faced the audience.

“I promise to make and to keep the political constitution of the United Mexican States and the laws that from it derive, and with loyalty and patriotism the position of the Republic that the public has given me, looking above all for the good and the prosperity of the Union; and if I don't the nation should demand it from me.”

When he finished the oath, Enrique took a step back from the podium and turned towards the former President. Former President Calzada removed the Presidential Band from his torso and placed it on President Enrique Peña Nieto. The audience began to applaud the transition of power. President Peña returned to the podium.

“Today marks a transition which continues the grand tradition of our party. In our history, PRI oversaw one of the largest expansions of the Mexican economy in the 20[sup]th[/sup] century. Over thirty years, the economy doubled. Inflation remained steady and close to the growth of the economy. Our nation saw its golden age once again.

I stand here today; ready to take on the challenges set before me. I will not deter. I will not allow our interests to be assaulted with impunity. I will empower our people to better themselves and this country. I will improve our education, our universities and our technological advantage. I will continue this age of greatness.

We were split apart by nations who sought to ensure a separated Central America. They feigned friendship and sought to pit us against our allies. Some fell, while others perished under the might of our nation. Mexico is no longer a separated nation. We are united and in our unity, we have our power. With this power, we have brought stability to Latin America, South America and North America. We have worked endlessly to ensure a peaceful and prosperous continent. With the work of our allies to our north and south, east and west, we have been successful.

Our nation is a beacon of prosperity in this hemisphere. Mexico is a part of a great new order in this world. We, as a nation of Latin America, rose after being struck down by our Spanish oppressors. We have become greater and more powerful than they could ever imagine. We are Mexico. ”

President Peña stepped back from the podium to an eruption of applause. The camera that was focusing on Peña now began to show the audience to the viewers at home. After a few minutes, the applause died down and people began to depart the building. The new President walked off the stage with his family and with the now former President Calzada.

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