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Royal Bhutan News and Events

Kevin Kingswell

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[b]Signs of plague believed to have been found in slums, government officials dismiss claims[/b]

Reports are coming in from the slums around the capital that a number of individuals have been spotted wandering around the streets and open sewer ways in the poorer districts of the city whilst showing possible symptoms of a plague like condition. Eye witnesses state that the people seen were often coughing loudly and throwing up vomit and stumbling about as if drunk and mumbling to themselves totally oblivious to the world around them.

One man told a reporter that when he tried to lend assistance to one woman who appeared to be in great pain she screamed and threw herself at him before throwing up a large amount of vomit into his face and across his chest. Whilst recoiling away and throwing her off he said he noticed she had a horrid greenish grey tint to her skin and that flies were constantly buzzing around her body. We attempted to later contact this witness again to get more of his story but found his owned cordoned off by the Ministry of Health and Welfare who explained that the man had been taken to a hospital for unrelated reasons.

Later we spoke to Quan Shao, Minister of Health and Welfare, who released the following statement to us. [i]"I can tell you quite clearly that these reports of a plague in our fair city are a farce and anyone spreading such rumours should be reported to either the Ministry or the local police. The city is clean of any health problems and will be for some time. That is all i will say on the matter." [/i]The Minister refused to make any further comments on the reports.

More on this story later.

[b]Infrastructure expected to grow for the Capital City[/b]

In other news relating to the capital city we have received confirmation that the go ahead has been given to build two new whole city blocks on the east side of the city. This is expected to bring a lot of work to the unemployed that live near to the area and should keep many of them employed for a long time as the work will take several months to complete. A few malicious members of society have complained and protested against the plans for the work citing that the slums should be the first priority but they were swiftly put at peace by the Ministry and the local police.

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[b]Classified [/b]

In the interests of ensuring that the military would be able to operate against enemy forces in the case of occupation plans were being put in place for the construction of a tunnel network in the Himalaya mountains to the north. To avoid arousing suspicion the military hired out mining vehicles from civilian companies and staffed them with plain clothed engineers. These vehicles would drive north into the mountains and spread out to five different locations through out the mountain range before setting up mining camps. To anyone viewing they would only see what appeared to be civilian mining operations and they would continue to operate in this manner for the foreseeable future.

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