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DB4D and TORN announcement

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[center][size=6][b]The Righteous Honor Accords[/b][/size][/center]

[quote]Both signatories (DB4D and TORN) have come to a agreement between all the HUAs and OOH-RAHs that they are brothers in arms and will fight alongside each other as true comrades do, but shall remain sovereign from one another.

Radio watch is a !@#$%*, but if either signatory is awake and comes across intelligence that may harm the other, they must inform them immediately.

Rules of Engagement-
If either signatory finds themselves being invaded by a 3rd party, the General’s will appoint aid where it’s needed the most. It can be, but not limited to sending in diplomats, booze and hookers for morale and nothing but the finest joint artillery strikes, door to door raids, and buddy rushes. If either signatory finds themselves wanting to invade a 3rd party, the General’s will have the option to send aid anytime during the war as they see fit.

There are no chains that bind, but if either signatory would like to withdraw all their forces, 72 hours will be needed to redeploy troops and resupply, but all booze and hookers must be left.

Signed for DB4D:
[b]Aryan83[/b] - Supreme Commander
[b]Wifey[/b] - Co-Minister of Foreign Affairs
[b]mankiller[/b] - Co-Minister of Foreign Affairs
[b]the reaper[/b] - Mister of War and Defense
[b]MrAstro34[/b] - Minister of Internal Affairs

Signed for TORN
[color=#FF0000][b]Thickführer[/b][/color] - [i]His Royal Thickness[/i]
[b][color=#808080]Triumvir of Foreign Affairs[/color][/b] - [i]rileyaddaff[/i]
[b][color=#808080]Triumvir of War[/color][/b] - [i]SinisterCanuck[/i]
[b][color=#808080]Triumvir of Internal Affairs[/color][/b] - [i]EnzoCosta[/i]
[b][color=#DDA0DD]Representative[/color][/b] - [i]Remenant[/i]

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