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Emmanuel Kelly

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So this game is getting pretty stagnant. I know most people won't go along with this and I'm bound to get people telling me how stupid this idea is, but why don't some of the more major alliances out there publish screenshots of their government forums from say, 2006 and 2007 and maybe 2008? It would be an interesting read for some of the older players here, and it doesn't cost you a whole lot because it's outdated OPSEC. Otherwise, we're going to reach the end of this game and its secrets will die with it, but it would be interesting to see what went on behind the scenes in years past. NPO would probably have some interesting stuff from 06/07. If Grub or one of the major players from BiPolar would like to say what really went on, that'd be cool, but perhaps that's a bit too recent and still relevant to today's politics.

If some of the more major alliances out there will publish old (and moderately interesting) screenshots of their government forums, I'll publish some screenshots of my own.

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