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Party time for GDA

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[center]GDA Announcements[/center]

GDA has been active lately. So here's two announcements for the price of one.

First, GDA held elections recently, and thus we have a new president and cabinet. Congrats to the winners.
President: McGee
Minister of Defense: Darkhjustice
Minister of Economics: Saraleigh
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Sippyjuice
Minister of Internal Affairs: Flubb
Minister of Recruitment: Hughsania

In other news, GDA is celebrating the sixth anniversary of our founding. We of the GDA are happy to have been part of Planet Bob for so long despite the odds. We also extend a hearty thank you to the friends and allies who have stood by us over the years. Cheesecake, cookies, and kielbasa may be found in #GDA.

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