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Imperial Decree


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[center][color="red"][size="5"][b]Declaration of War[/b][/size][/color][/center]

Our world has a disease. A disease of stagnation, a disease of boredom, a disease where a few backroom diplomats have all the fun at the expense of the many. This world no longer evolves, no longer fights to improve, instead it dies a slow death; with the losers of each conflict being condemned to exile and the victors becoming a useless, bloated, cancerous growth too indifferent or too disillusioned to improve themselves.

This sickness is not acceptable.

Heroes are raised in conflict. Revolutions and ideas are forged in fire. To bring in the new, you must burn out the old; that is the very definition of change. We are commited to peace, but peace without growth is pointless.

Pacifica is striving for a new world. One where you can have opportunities, where you can progress over challenges, test yourself, and become better for it. Not a world where war is determined by a treaty-web so chaotic that you need a 4-dimensional application to even begin comprehending it. We will be the doctors to put this terminal patient out of its misery by bringing Order to the Chaos. And we begin by trying out something new, trying to bring Order to the art of war itself.

Welcome to the 2012 joint NPO-Sparta Wargames.

After much preparation, discussion and debate between the two sovereign alliances, the New Pacific Order hereby declares itself in a state of war with Sparta under the following rules of engagement mutually agreed by each party's signature below:

[list=1][*]No use of nuclear weapons, no exceptions![*]Neither participant will allow or call upon its allies to take part in this war.[*]The only authorized spy operations are Gather Intelligence, Spy DEFCON, and Spy Threat Level. No other spy operations are authorized.[*]No Navies.[*]All wars MUST be declared by update October 12 (Bob time). No late declarations.[*]All wars will be terminated after 7 days. No wars will be redeclared at the end of the first round of wars.[*]There are no aid restrictions. Inter-alliance aid is accepted.[*]Any nation that ghosts one of the combatant alliances in order to participate in the fighting will be considered a rogue by both alliances and subject to full military retaliation.[*]No nation may join either alliance today, October 11 (Bob time).[/list]
Violations will be dealt with at both Alliances discretion.


Emperor of the New Pacific Order
Sword of the Order

Regent of the New Pacific Order
Judicator of the Order

Imperial Officer of Foreign Affairs of the New Pacific Order

[b]Farrin Xies,[/b]
Imperial Officer of Foreign Affairs of the New Pacific Order
Purveyor of an FA Direction

Imperial Officer of Military Affairs of the New Pacific Order
Shield of the Order[/i]

DeathAdder - King of Sparta
Yerushalayim - King of Sparta
Severus Knight - Ephor of Lykoi
JayR95 - Ephor of Philoxenia
Tones - Ephor of Mesoa

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I disagree. Their tier imbalance would make them a pretty suitable challenge.

(Specially to the advantages due to tech and no nookiez)

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