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The Reaver Accords


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Preamble: The undersigned here commit to a bond bound in the sacred act of Reaving. Each party holds that once your inner reaver has been awoken, no amount of reaving can quench the thirst of reaving.

Article I. Sovereignty
Each Reaving Party understands that they are separate entities and therefore respect each other's own ways and agree not to intefere.

Article II. Non-Aggression
Each Reaving Party shall not conduct any act of reaving on each other.

Article III. Cooperation and Obligation.
If either Reaving Party is attacked by a foreign threat it is the duty of the other Reaving Party to assist in military and financial backing, or as asked. Should said attack come because as the result of either Party's outside treaties, such assistance is optional.

Article IV. The Art of Reaving.
Each Reaving Party is entitled to conduct reavings as they see fit, though it is not mandatory (but encouraged) the other Party may help out in the form of military assistance or financial assistance if they so desire.

Article V. The End of Reaving
If either Reaving Party feels the nature of this accord has been broken or tarnished, then each party is entitled to serve a 72 hour notice of cancellation, at which time thereafter the treaty is considered null and void.

Signed for [i]Umbrella[/i]
[b]President:[/b] Natan
[b]Vice President:[/b] Raken

[b]Envoys:[/b] Daikos, Whitemajik, Legendoftheskies
[b]Field Marshall:[/b] JoshuaR
[b]Economist:[/b] Niota
[b]Generator:[/b] Martikora

Signed for [i]The Order of the Paradox[/i]
[size=4]Centurius[/size], [b]Grandmaster[/b]
Owned-You, [b]Grand Chancellor[/b]
TalisK, [b]Grand Hospitaller[/b]

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