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TENE Announcement

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A public announcement from TENE:

We would like to announce that we have been working on many things over the past few days. We would like to announce we are implementing an applicant AA going by "TENE Applicant". We have also reworked our entire Academy, giving it an overhaul to improve its effectiveness. We will be making sure new nations know how to do all the essentials, especially tech deals, before allowing them into "TENE" as a full member.

So "TENE Applicant" is now under our protection and any action against them without first consulting us, will be considered the same as attacking the "TENE" AA.

[b]Signed for The Empire of the New Evolution [/b]
Diego, Emperor
Bigmike46, High Marshal
Nsharpy, Marshal of Foreign Affairs
general solar, Deputy of Foreign Affairs
Jakcob33, Marshal of Defense
Astrid, Marshal of Finance
Drax Banzai, Deputy of Finance
iKronos, Council
Ones, Council
ericg95, Council
Bullet1127, Council
Ohsofly, Council

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[quote name='Hereno' timestamp='1349729995' post='3038695']
I thought you guys disbanded years ago.

Diego18 reformed TENE. Good luck with this, hopefully you can teach your members to complete a tech deal.

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