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An Umbrella Announcement


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Umbrella have recently had an election and have elected a new president! I’ll take this time to, on behalf on myself and of Umbrella as a whole, thank [b]domisi[/b] and [b]threefingeredguy[/b] for their eight months of service as President and Vice President as well as for everything they’ve done for the alliance since it’s founding. I wish the latter, threefingeredguy, a happy retirement from government. You’ve earned it.

Here is Umbrella’s new government in full:

[b]President:[/b] Natan
[b]Vice President:[/b] Raken

[b]Envoys:[/b] Daikos, Whitemajik, Legendoftheskies
[b]Field Marshall:[/b] JoshuaR
[b]Economist:[/b] Niota
[b]Generator:[/b] Martikora

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[quote name='Solaris' timestamp='1349544658' post='3037949']
I congratulate you, mister President. Did you promise something sexy to your constituents?

yes, but we're not allowed to post it on the owf

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