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[quote name='Steve Buscemi' timestamp='1348725053' post='3034666']
You guys do realize that Randalla will most likely get all of your rolled, right?

That's pretty funny, coming from folks who can't seem to keep their paws off of a protectorate despite the agreement that was reached at the end of the last ridiculous war.

Same ol', same ol'.

Edit: Thanks, RD, quality wiki-work as always. ;)

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Hmm... Looks like a group that could stick together for a good while, I think. :)

Edit: SF! reacts positively to the news, but I cannot quit thinking that this is a grouping that GOD would have scorned not too many months ago... Then again, they are as of yet silent on this bloc.

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[quote name='Londo Mollari' timestamp='1348722607' post='3034644']
Fail + Fail + Fail + Fail just equals an even bigger pile of fail, guys. :(

Aye. But perhaps they'll be able to shake the 'fail'.

Here's to hoping that this bloc will be pro-active instead of just sitting there.

...sadly I think the Cubs have a better shot winning the NL Central. Good luck regardless.

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[quote name='Tevron' timestamp='1348722641' post='3034645']
This is one that I was very excited to see posted.

And Salsa, I am totally not disappointed by the name, but I am interested in the acronym that you'll be referred to as:
Perhaps Aft
I've been using Aft (or AFT) myself

[quote name='Yerushalayim' timestamp='1348745736' post='3034723']
A pleasant announcement to wake up to.
Also ^^

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