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Edean Advances in Military Infrastructure


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[center][b]Edean Advances Military Infrastructure[/b][/center]


"The Brazilians have seemingly pulled out an entire navy out of their hat." Gildas barked as the oniru marched ahead of recently re-elected Triumvir Rodolfo. "Meanwhile, an imperial Peru rises one morning and collapses, Mexio inherits the entirety of the Umbrella Commonwealth and Peru is once again swaying to another regime in a period of months... Things have been most unstable in South America Rodolfo."

"And I believe we've been wise to take a back seat to the entire affair Gildas. We've survived through one war and five years as a nation, so that we can arguably be considered the matriarch of South America." Rodolfo took a pause to lean against the nearby wooden door leading him into a private room in the Council Chambers at Mistwood Citadel, where he and Triumvir Gildas were planning a meeting on the defense of Edean with numerous captains of industry. "If anything, we have proven that a libertarian government, like Edean's, can be a bastion of stability. We've done well for our people and the private markets are thriving."

"Yet we haven't done nearly enough." Gildas twitched his ears as he sniffed the familiar air of the building, rattling some loose change in his pocket as his eyes surveyed the city from their sky-perched castle. "Mistwood Citadel is still rebuilding from the last attacks against Edean by that maniac, Zarfef, and while we've held him off, he has hardly been destroyed. Will Raziya be here today?"

"Unlikely." Rodolfo sighed as he laid a suitcase down on the nearby varnished oak table and closed the door behind them. "She's still working towards a transition to the new triumvirate with Alesteir. It's a pity that not a single vesari triumvirate has tried to seek re-election since our foundation, because we're starting to loose the pool of enthusiastic creatures to take up the job."

The rabbit turned its attention towards Dr. Bladeborne, who was combing his hairs out with his hand before the meeting. "You've earned a few more grey hairs, have you Bladeborne?" Gildas kidded, before accepting a plane manila envelope tossed across the table with a nod of appreciation.

Gildas gave a quick glance over the materials inside before returning his attention back to the room, handing the envelope down the line to Rodolfo, who was still occupied with the picture of a lightly armored tank under development by [u]Geartronics[/u].

^OOC: Like this awesome drawing.

"This one doesn't look half bad." Rodolfo grinned. "I might even buy a few for my own guard."

"That would be our latest striker attack tank." Geartronics representative Ines flickered to life. "It has everything you might desire from a light armored attack vehicle: 120km/hr operating speed, a sporty 450 HP engine, 4 wheel drive with advanced adaptive traction tires, 7.5mm armor plating and computer controls, 360 degree digital displays, various EMF countermeasures, a 90 mm cannon and a networking and sensor array that are perfectly calibrated for Edean's defense."

"Well, that's all good and all, but how much is all of that going to cost?" Rodolfo scoffed, as he allowed the manilla envelope, passed to him by Gildas, to retake his attention.

"Oh eh - we're thinking it should be about $5-7 million per tank. A little expensive, but it's well worth the purchase. This new creation is heavily influenced by the incursions of the War Tzar Tanks. Edean needs a battle tank that can handle battles in the urban as well as the physical jungle... which is where this bad boy comes into play."

"Well, that's not too bad." Rodolfo shook his head before launching the papers back at the oniru. "So Lagrange is splitting apart? Why would you guys do something like that?"

"I see you've noticed Iris LLC and Triton Nautical Labs." Dr. Bladeborne let his smile fill the room as he pulled out a few sheets of his own to rekindle his memory. "Officially, we're making this move so that we can focus on what really matters to us - aerospace. Lagrange already builds the [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=109163&view=findpost&p=2947057"]SKY SHARK[/url] , [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=109163&view=findpost&p=2957814"]AEWACs AIRCRAFT[/url], we helped startup [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=109163&view=findpost&p=2957814"]DISCO SPACE Exploration[/url], which led to the contract to construct the [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=109163&view=findpost&p=3012995"]EDEASTAR[/url] and we're running small [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=109163&view=findpost&p=2957814"]antimissile batteries[/url] across the nation that provides 50% coverage against any and all low atmospheric missile threats... Really, we've taken on a lot of different things and while we recognize that this move will isolate the companies from the present ownership, the capital streams will still be present on account of the EEF and we've been priming some young candidates for these positions for a while. So on a more unofficial level, it's a matter of granting these companies greater nimbility when entering into a new market for Edean, while granting the same companies access to the same levels of capital and even technologies that Lagrange has at it's disposal."

A few other members of the room frowned, having just had their dreams dashed by the giant that was Lagrange. "The EEF will naturally allow all of you to take part in this endeavor jointly with us." Bladeborne felt compelled to add. Still, even if they did invest, it would be a ship sailed, even if by proxy, by Lagrange enterprises. To fund the project was ultimately to fund their competition and to put themselves out of business.

"I should have known this was all about increasing capital." Gildas chuckled to himself as he took a more in depth look at the envelope. "So from what I gather from these over done pieces of company propaganda, is that Iris will be an intelligence agency, focusing on the control of various short and long range RADAR systems, bi-static, multi-static... all of that jazz so that Edean has a solid understanding of the air from a single authoritative source - which I've heard from Free Skies and even some members of Liberty Air was a problem during the last conflict. Likewise, you plan on using this Neptune business to build us a few cruisers, destroyers and attack submarines over the next few years and somehow the budgets will magically rain down the money you need to make this happen - what is your angle on this Bladeborne? You wouldn't be catering promises of a grand security without looking for something, would you?"

"You might get that idea from the images - but truth be told, we won't be seeing huge fleets anytime soon. We're running off a 30 year plan. We would like to get two corvettes, two frigates and a destroyer produced within a year. While startup costs have made things difficult, we believe we could get such weapons off the construction yard within roughly a year at a cost of only $7Bil." Bladeborne paused. "Of course, we'd be talking about a different company - so I can't really say what budget they will come up with, those are just numbers we were hoping to get out there. I realize that this is a difficult sum to swallow, but Edean's economy has grown by staggering levels each year. The GDP for this year is estimated to be hitting around $350Bil. Over the years, wars have been the one thing to truly drag Edean's economy down - consider the investment in security to be an investment in the future growth of the country and it doesn't look nearly as bad. Iris ought to be able to run on only $2 Billion a year..."

"So that still avoids the point. What are you after?" Gildas reaffirmed, causing Bladeborne to settle into his seat.

"We need the Triumvirate to move in the direction of organizing mineral rights and helping to establish a stronger source of native raw materials that Lagrange can access, from both Digiterra sources and the lagging Lunar Mine Project." Dr. Bladeborne stated firmly. "In particular, we need help in alleviating damage to the mining industry by Article 10 in the constitution."

Several eyebrows around the room raised at this suggestion. "I knew that Lagrange was power-hungry, but we never knew they were mad." a whispered voice could be heard amongst the various mummers echoing in the hallways. "This could be quite good for business, though, I agree with that much - if it isn't entirely aimed for just them, being the special little prizes that Lagrange is." Finished another.

Everyone then turned their eyes towards Gildas and Rodolfo, who were holding onto their own cards. Would the Edean constitution fold, or were the cards against Bladeborne?

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