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Our Time of the Month

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[/center][center][b]BFF Announcement, or How Chax Made a Clerical Error and Loved The Bomb[/b][/center][center][b]
[/b][/center][center]Hey all. A while back, our good buddy MattTheCelt founded The Outlaw's Republic, or TOR. BFF as a bloc protected them. We offered them the typical 60-day treaty transfer when we merged to create BFF Alliance. We sorta forgot to get around to announcing that we're keeping that protection going indefinitely. That was my bad. Normally I'd blame Deebo...but he asked me like 4 times and I forgot. I honestly can't blame him. Well, I can, but still.[/center][center]
[/center][center]Anyway, the point is, here's our new protectorate treaty.[/center][center]
[/center][center][b]The Treaty of Something Witty[/b]

[b]Article I:[/b]

This article serves as the entire treaty. If you $%&@ with TOR, you're$%&@ing with BFF. It doesn't matter if they started it, we'll fini!@#$. Hands off, buddy. An attack on TOR is an attack on BFF and will be dealt with as such. An attack on BFF is like attacking something next to TOR. They're advised to, but not required to come to the aid of BFF. But seriously, they'll probably come to BFF's aid because that's how TOR works. So yeah. $%&@ off.

[b]Signed for TOR:[/b]

MattTheCelt - [i]Original Outlaw [/i]

Manussa - [i]Enforcer[/i]

Prime Minister Rav - [i]The Messenger [/i]

Lord Vescus - [i]The Mercenary[/i]

[b]Signed for BFF: [/b]

Turetel -- [i]Ayatollah of the West[/i]

Chax -- [i]Ayatollah of Christmas Past [/i]

TheDon125 -- [i]Ayatollah of the People[/i]


Deebo -- [i]Director of Affairs with Foreigners [/i]

Pherlofsky -- [i]Director of Growth Defects [/i]

Sniperjoe -- [i]Unloved Director of Interior Design [/i]

Johnap88 -- [i]Director[/i] [i] of Aggression and Destruction [/i]

[/center][center]I know. This. Changes. [b]Everything.[/b][/center]

Edited by Ernesto Che Guevara
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[quote name='Pingu' timestamp='1348721254' post='3034625']
So we are supposed to declare war on TOR now? That's what I got from this. I'll petition the subcommittee on monthly activations of Article V to get their OK.

This must be it. I thought for a second that Chax was actually trying to absolve Deebo of some of the blame and got scared for a moment.

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[quote name='Gingervites' timestamp='1348783949' post='3034959']
[i]Our Time of the Month There's Blood Everywhere![/i]

I guess your protection failed [img]http://forums.cybernations.net/public/style_emoticons/default/dry.gif[/img]
Congrats you two

If there was blood wouldn't that mean their protection worked? Cause they would not be prego......I am trying to think back to my health classes back in elementry school.

BTW Congrats

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