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International Meeting of the World Powers


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The International Meeting of the World Powers is a monthly meeting. It involves a open forum for all world leaders to voice there opinion on key issues and the attendees will attempt to figure out ideas and resolutions to help fix the issues.

The First Meeting will occur October 1st, 2012 Issues on the Docket Are as followed:
1.Nuclear Weapons and Global Radiation
2.Diplomatic Relations among Alliances and Nations
3.Alliance Mergers

You may simply post to the page to suggest something to add to the docket.

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OOC: This is great, however, you should move this to the Fantasy RP subforum for two reasons: firstly, international meetings and conventions usually do not go in the Game-related RP subforum, and secondly, because the Fantasy RP subforum is more busy, so this meeting will get more attention there.

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