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Ceebrating our 100th day in SE

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Celebrating our 100th day in SE!

Hellenes and friends!

As of today Hellas Alliance is 100 days "old"!

We started under very difficult times and we faced a war for nearly 2 months (June-August 2012) immediately after our existence.

But we have survived and we walked on.

Signing the MW Protectorate has given us new friends and the necessary room to breath and start building up.

New members have joined us and new relations have been built or some old ones have been refreshed.

Our presence also in TE is rather significant round after round attracting experienced players from all the spectrum ending the hates of the blocs.

We aim to a better future to come for Hellas, our friends and Planet Bob in general.

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Many thanks Rogal Dorn, Bomb, Walshington, Rotavele, Gingervites!!

Yes, TE Alliance goes even better (in its 3rd full round) with nearly 50 members from all the spectrum of the Planet, keeping the top nations positions and forming a nice team with unity and cohesion among them.

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