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Serene Republic of Vaule News Thread (v2.0)

Imperator Azenquor

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[b][u][size=5]Official News Thread of the Serene Republic of Vaule v. 2.0[/size][/u][/b]

[b][u]Television Stations (National)[/u][/b]
TV 5 (State owned)
VNN (State owned)
Свобода [Svoboda]TV (CTB) (Privately owned)
Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (Cent)
TV5.14 (Privately owned) [Satire]

[b][u]Television Stations (Regional)[/u][/b]
EITV (Privately owned)
VTV (Privately owned)

[b][u]Newspapers in the Serene Republic[/u][/b]
Times of the Serene Republic (State owned)
The People's Daily (Privately owned) [Left wing]
The National (Privately owned) [Right wing]
North East Asian Times (UFE)
The Turnip Times (Privately owned) [Satire]


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[b][u] VNN News: New gov’t sworn in, quarantine measures continue[/b][/u]

[i]“As the conflict with the Northern Imperium has at last drawn to a close, the long awaited handover of power took place this morning in a significantly scaled down ceremony at the Imperial Summer Palace in the Baikal region. At this ceremony, former Prime Minister Ilyanov (Slavic Unity Party) handed over the reins of government to Prime Minister Bryon Svatek (Party for Social Justice) and the new coalition. Unfortunately for the new government, they will be taking office during one of the worst crises in several years. The new government will have to coordinate the national response to the Northern Imperium’s cowardly biological and chemical weapon attack on the capital city, and begin the major effort of rebuilding the damaged infrastructure from the war. The new government will also have to address the economic woes of the nation while simultaneously maintaining the current security presence in the former Imperium.

At his oath taking ceremony, Prime Minister Svatek called on the nation to unite as we ‘confront the serious challenges before us’ and vowed that the response to the chemical weapon attack will continue to be ‘swift and effective’ and will involve doing the ‘absolute utmost to save as many lives as possible’. The Prime Minister also called on all political parties to ‘put politics aside for now’ and to focus upon the wellbeing of the nation.

In the capital city, Sygh-Varthys, emergency health officials continue to treat those affected by the attack while HAZMAT teams continue to take active measures to prevent new casualties. Large parts of the capital city remain under quarantine and military checkpoints have been set up on all routes into or out of the city. According to an initial report issued by the Ministry of Health’s Emergency Situations Division: 790,000 people have been displaced by the incident, 4,502 individuals have died, 97,628 individuals are in serious condition and 131,754 individuals are under precautionary quarantine. The Health Ministry has cautioned the public that these numbers are likely to rise over the course of the next few days.

In other news, the East Ingushetia Autonomous Community (EIAC) faces a major challenge ahead as election results confirm that the pro-separatist Ingush Liberal Party (ILP) managed to pull off an upset victory over the Vaulian National Front (VNF). According to the Vaulian Electoral Commission (VEC), the ILP won 70% of the overall vote and 49 seats in the 70 seat Parliament. The Vaulian National Front (VNF) saw it’s share of the vote plunge to 30%, leaving the party with only 21 seats in the Parliament. The VEC estimates voter turnout in the province was slightly over 50.1%. This low turnout is believed to have benefitted the ILP as the party made significant gains in even notorious strongholds of the VNF.

This election result is likely to cause some difficulties for the province as the Regional Governor Artim Bakiyev has already announced that he has no intention of working with the separatists and that he pledges to veto all laws passed by the ILP that are aimed at furthering their ‘separatist agenda’. The Regional Governor has also pledged to take additional, unspecified action against the ILP and it's leadership.

We will continue to monitor these and other developments. This is Ray Porter, for VNN News."[/i]-R.Porter

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[b][u]VNN News: New Cabinet appointed, Vancouver Occupation Authority created[/b][/u]

[i]“The newly elected Prime Minister Bryon Svatek appointed his Cabinet today as he prepares to outline his government’s policy objectives for the next four years. After an hour long meeting with His Most Orthodox Royal Highness Imperator Pyotr, Prime Minister Svatek announced that a coalition deal had been reached with the Slavic Unity Party (SUP) and that appointments to the Cabinet had been approved by both the Slavic Unity Party (SUP) and the Party for Social Justice (PSJ).

The newly appointed Cabinet consists of the following Ministers:[/i]

[b]Prime Minister: [/b] Mr. Bryon Svatek (PSJ)
[b]Deputy Prime Minister:[/b]Mr. Georgi Ilyanov (SUP)

[b]Minister of Foreign Affairs: [/b] Mr. Matvei Alexandr Denisov (SUP)
[b]Minister of Defense & Interior: [/b] Mr. Andrei Kirill Vasilyev (SUP)
[b]Minister of Finance & Development: [/b] Mr. Grigori Illyich Zhukov (SUP)
[b]Minister of Health & Emergency Situations: [/b] Dr. Viktoria Titova (PSJ)
[b]Minister of Education & Youth Affairs: [/b] Ms. Irina Mikhailovic Zhukova (SUP)
[b]Minister of Labor and Social Services: [/b] Dr. Sofia Sharapova (PSJ)
[b]Minister of Justice: [/b] Lt. Col. Vladimir Filipov (PSJ)
[b]Minister of Religious Affairs & Local Government: [/b] Mr. Andrei Romanov (PSJ)
[b]Minister of Transport & Energy: [/b] Mrs. Zhanna Lukanova (PSJ)
[b]Minister of Slavic Unification:[/b] Gen. Vladimir Kharkov (Ind)

[i]“According to a statement from the Office of the Prime Minister, it was decided to expand the Department of Emergency Situations (formerly attached to the Interior Ministry) into its own government ministry. Also, as a part of a new diplomatic initiative with neighboring Vostokslavia the government created the Ministry of Slavic Unification, which has been tasked with implementing the agreement and coordinating efforts with Vostokslavia.

With the results of the last election verified, the Party of Social Justice (PSJ) holds 228 seats, the Slavic Unity Party (SUP) holds 186 seats, the Union of Patriotic Right Forces (PRF) saw a jump in its vote share and it now holds 140 seats, and the New Nationalist Front (NNF) holds 97 seats. The PSJ-SUP coalition controls 414 seats in the 651 seat Parliament.

-Parliamentary Breakdown

In the Senate, however, the result was much less decisive. The Coalition holds 40 seats, the Vaule Fenix Party (VFP) holds 28 seats, and 20 seats are held by Independents. The remaining 12 seats are held by other parties. Incumbent Senate President Lord Treize Karolekov (VFP) has announced his intention of remaining in office by forming a coalition bloc in the Senate. Lord Karolekov would not offer additional details, but he assured reporters that the PSJ would not have a ‘rubber stamp’ Senate.

-Senate Breakdown

In other news, the Office of the Imperator issued an Imperial decree creating the Vaule Occupation Authority (VOA) to manage the affairs of the former Northern Imperium territory of Vancouver. The VOA has been mandated to seek the arrest of Imperium war criminals, to coordinate efforts to rebuild Vancouver, to provide relief aid to former Imperium citizens and to oversee the creation of a Vancouver Transitional Authority. Under the terms of the decree, all G.P.S.R. police forces in Vancouver are placed under the control of the VOA.

Controversially, in light of the Imperium’s cowardly attack on the Vaulian capital, the VOA has been allocated B$1.2 billion for relief and reconstruction operations. Many politicians have suggested that no aid should be allocated to the former Northern Imperium until the capital has been rebuilt and the families of the victims are compensated. The leader of the Union of Patriotic Right Forces (PRF) Rinald Kanic was extremely vocal about his opposition, stating that:

‘rather than handing over money to help these !@#$%^&* and rebuild the city that their government destroyed, we should be taxing the living daylights out of them to pay for the damage that their government did over here. Quite frankly, we should just turn Vancouver into a Labor camp and strip its resources dry.’

The newly appointed VOA Director Ilya Bogdanov disagreed with Mr. Kanic’s assertions, but pledged that his key priority is ‘the arrest of former Imperium officials’ and to oversee the gathering of evidence which may be helpful in upcoming trials of officials already in custody.

On a more positive note, the Union of Salekhard was granted full independence from the western protectorate several days ago. The outgoing government of former Prime Minister Ilyanov extended diplomatic recognition of the new state as his last act before leaving office. Today the last of the Vaulian peacekeepers in the region withdrew and handed over full security to the Union of Salekhard.

We will continue to keep you updated on these and other news stories. This is Ray Porter, for VNN News.”[/i]-R.Porter

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[b][u]VNN News: National Memorial Service held, VOA issues new decrees[/u][/b]

[i]“Today, a memorial service was held for those Vaulian citizens who died in the Imperium’s cowardly biological attack on the capital city. Across the nation, a moment of silence was observed at exactly 4:01pm honoring those whose lives were cut short by the deranged actions of a lunatic government. Shortly after this moment of silence, memorial services, led by both clergy and government officials began. According to the Ministry of Health a total of 9,826 individuals, of which 9,609 were civilians, were killed in the attack.

In the Yuktobania Autonomous Community (YAC), hard-hit by the war, memorial services were led by the Patriarch of the Vaulian Orthodox Church and attended by several local officials including the Regional Governor, as well as the Prime Minister. Prime Minister Svatek gave a short speech in which he honored the sacrifices made by all of the allied nations who fought to remove the Imperium regime. He also pledged that the ports and shipyards of Yuktobania would be rebuilt.

In the capital city, His Most Orthodox Royal Highness Imperator Pyotr attended a lengthy memorial service and gave his first public remarks since the attack took place. The Imperator also praised the work of the emergency services and lauded the efforts of the thousands of volunteers who offered their assistance in the aftermath of the attacks. It has been noted by several analysts that the speech constituted the longest single address by the Imperator since his ascension to the throne.

In other news, the Vancouver Occupation Authority (VOA) issued its first decrees concerning the former Imperium territory of Vancouver. According to a government spokesman, the VOA decrees have banned the display of any national symbols associated with the former Imperium regime, established a citizen database for the territory and officially extended Vaulian Common Law to the territory. It is understood that the VOA also outlined the judicial processes governing former Imperium citizens who are charged with crimes. The VOA also reported that 36 former Imperium government and military officials have been detained so far, and that the cooperation of several of these ex officials is yielding valuable information.

We will continue to monitor these and other news stories. This is Ray Porter, for VNN News.”[/i]-R. Porter


[quote][b]Address by His Most Orthodox Royal Highness Imperator Pyotr[/b]

“Throughout our nation’s history, there have been many events that have helped shape our nation. Some of these events are joyous ones, whose historical significance can be felt even hundreds of years later. Other events are those tragedies of great magnitude. Such events provide us with an opportunity to show our strength, our resilience and our unity.

The incident that occurred here, in the very heartland of our nation, is one such tragedy. In the midst of war, our vengeful and dishonorable enemy struck at the heart of our capital city. Their intent clear: to kill as many civilians as possible and to force us to retreat. In their lunacy, our enemy believed that by carrying out such a strike, we could be forced into submission. The same demented logic applied to their attempted strikes against our allies. This same enemy, sensing that the end was approaching, deliberately detonated explosives in many cities of their own country.

Their effort failed, as similar efforts have failed in the past. Did they force us to surrender? No! They redoubled our effort. They strengthened our cause. They showed themselves for what they really were and expedited their defeat. Alongside our allies, we continued to fight. We continued to fight when they bombed the capital building in Yuktobania. We continued to fight when they bombed our ports and shipyards. We continued to fight until at last we all prevailed. With our allies standing alongside us, we prevailed.

As the dust settled in Sygh-Varthys, nine thousand eight hundred and twenty-six individuals lay dead. The vast majority of these individuals were innocent civilians. They were fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, daughters, sons, wives, husbands. They were young, old, Royal, citizen, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist. And their loss will be felt by us all for decades and decades. But they are not truly lost. Not while there are those of us who remember them. Let us ensure that their memory never fades away, while we also comfort the living.

Let us also thank the army of volunteers who, without any hesitation or caution for their own wellbeing, charged in to assist those in need. Let us not forget the sacrifice of those soldiers from all nations, who fought against the Northern Imperium and it’s morally bankrupt leaders.

In closing, I would like to recall a speech made by President General Mikhail Zhukov (Father of the Nation and Honorary Marshall). Faced with seemingly insurmountable odds, he said:

‘Vaulia prevails! When a madman sought to break his own nation to his will, Vaulia prevailed. When the Soviet Occupation forces defiled our nation with reckless abandon, Vaulia prevailed. When the fascists and their armies rampaged across the continent; when they struck at the heart of our Soviet occupied nation, Vaulia prevailed. When traitors sought to hand our nation to foreign powers, Vaulia prevailed. When the barbarian hordes sought to destroy our fledgling nation, Vaulia prevailed.

Fear not the destruction wrought upon your homeland. Those are just buildings, made of stone and metal. They can be rebuilt. Those are just fields, they can be replanted. Take heart and remember always: Vaulia prevails! As long as there are those willing to take up a banner and fight in her name: Vaulia prevails!’[/quote]

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[u][b]VNN News: ILP MRPs angered by Regional Governor, Imam’s controversial comments spark nationwide outrage[/b][/u]

[i]“The Regional Governor of the East Ingushetia Autonomous Community (EIAC) has today angered the Ingush Liberal Party (ILP), which controls the Regional Legislature, by vetoing all measures approved by the ILP controlled legislature and calling for the legislature to be dissolved. According to a spokesman from the Office of the Regional Governor, Governor Bakiyev can be expected to veto any form of legislation originating from the Regional Parliament that is introduced by the ILP members until said members resign from the Parliament.

According to the ILP leader Vladimir al-Abdullah, the Regional Governor has ‘rendered it almost impossible to govern the province’ and is expressing his ‘clear disregard for the decisions of the people as expressed through the election’. Mr. Abdullah revealed that the governor has used his veto five times in the past eight hours, ending all legislation introduced at today’s Regional Parliament session. Mr. Abdullah has even alleged that the Regional Governor has returned draft legislation to the Regional Parliament with ‘insulting comments written in the margins’. When asked to elaborate on the content of the failed legislation, Mr. Abdullah revealed that his party proposed a lifting of the hijab ban, a text requiring that the police should be held to account if they violate the rights of citizens in the province, and a non-binding resolution calling for the Regional Governor to be directly elected.

On the other side of the aisle, the Vaulian National Front leadership has praised Governor Bakiyev’s actions and vehemently urged him to ‘continue to frustrate the separatist agenda and to confound their plans’. The VNF has also called on the central government to ‘dissolve the separatist controlled Regional Parliament’ and to ‘hand temporary law-making powers to Governor Bakiyev’. Meanwhile, Governor Bakiyev signed a proclamation extending the state of martial law in East Ingushetia for another year. The fifth time that this has been done thus far.

In other news, the Imam of the Grand Mosque in East Ingushetia is facing a barrage of criticism after a video emerges of a speech he gave during Friday prayers. In the speech, the Imam is heard declaring that the biological and chemical weapon attack on the Vaulian capital city was simply ‘the wrath of the all-knowing and all-powerful God, who has rained punishment down upon those who trample upon the freedom of East Ingushetia’. He also stated that the ‘Vaulian oppression will be returned unto them tenfold’ and that the Imperator ‘would be struck down by the sword of the Almighty’. These controversial comments have caused outrage and have resulted in a police investigation into the incident.

Prime Minister Svatek issued a short statement condemning the Imam’s speech as ‘disgusting and inflammatory’ but also called for ‘calm and restraint by all parties’ as the police investigation progresses. In response the VNF has condemned the Imam as part of a ‘separatist current’ seeking to undermine national unity and has called for protests in front of the Grand Mosque in Esternaya. A former VNF commander went a step further and has offered B$27,000 to ‘whoever assassinates the traitor’. The Chief of Police in East Ingushetia has condemned the assassination call and has issued an arrest warrant for the unnamed former VNF commander. On the other side of the political spectrum, the ILP has announced that it will not comment on the statements until the police investigation is complete, but that it is calling on it’s supporters to ‘defend the Grand Mosque’.

For VNN News, this is Ray Porter.”[/i]-R. Porter

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[b][u]VNN News: Parliament approves VOA legislation and annexes Vancouver[/b][/u]

[i]“The Parliament today, discussed a preliminary report submitted by the Vancouver Occupation Authority (VOA) regarding the Vancouver territory. The report, presented by Prime Minister Svatek outlined the estimated rebuilding costs for Vancouver, reported on the progress of judicial proceedings against former Imperium officials and on the status of the Vancouver database system. According to the Prime Minister, it will take approximately B$3.93 billion to rebuild the Vancouver metropolitan area and a further B$1.42 million will be necessary to fund continued police operations in the territory.

Parliament also discussed proposals for the future of the Vancouver region. With the fall of the Northern Imperium and the removal of all of its government officials, Parliament approved a measure to create a new government for the territory. This new government, once fully constituted, is expected to take over all duties of the Vancouver Occupation Authority (VOA). After a spirited debate in the Parliament, the Slavic Unity Party (SUP) introduced legislation to annex the Vancouver territory. This legislation was quickly supported by the Union of Patriotic Right Forces (PRF) and the Party for Social Justice (PSJ) and by the majority in the Senate.

The legislation has also introduced the concept of Vancouver Residency and outlined the eligibility requirements for former Imperium citizens. The legislation has, however, failed to specify if Vancouver will become an Autonomous Community or if the territory will become another autonomous entity. It has been suggested by some MPs that the Vancouver territory could become a Special Autonomous Region (SAR) with wide ranging autonomy. The former Imperium citizens who are still residing in the Vancouver territory will be given the option of applying for Vancouver Residency or leaving for another country. Under the new law Vancouver Residency will only be available to those former Northern Imperium citizens who pass a thorough background check and can prove residency in Vancouver for at least three years.

When asked to give an estimated timeline for the creation of the new Vancouver government and the dissolution of the Vancouver Occupation Authority, a spokesman from the Prime Minister’s office suggested that the new government could be fully functional in ‘two to three weeks’.

This is Ray Porter, reporting for VNN News.”[/i]-R. Porter

[quote][b]Decree by the VOA: Concerning Residency[/b]

-By decree of the VOA all former Imperium citizens are required to submit their biographical information (including fingerprints) to the VOA database system.

-Any citizen of the former Imperium who, at any time during the last 10 years served in:[list]
[*]Any civilian government position
[*]Any Imperium military position (from equivalent rank of Lt. or above)
[*]Any unit or corporation affiliated to the former Imperium’s military industry
[*]Any capacity affiliated with the former Imperium’s chemical and bio weapons program
[*]Any capacity affiliated with the former Imperium’s cyberwarfare units
[*]Any capacity affiliated with the former Imperium police or intelligence services.

Is ineligible to obtain Vancouver residency and is (at the discretion of the State Prosecutor) liable to be arrested.

-All gatherings of five or more people are prohibited until further notice.
-A 7:00pm curfew shall remain in effect.

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[b][u]VNN News: Coalition discord over budget, Blue Guard formed[/u][/b]

[i]“As the governing coalition prepares to submit it’s first budget to Parliament, it appears that a rift has formed between senior members of the Prime Minister’s Party for Social Justice (PSJ) and the Deputy Prime Minister’s Slavic Unity Party (SUP). According to the Finance Minister’s office, there have been ‘a few differences of opinion’ between the two parties regarding the key issues of the Health service and reconstruction spending. The Finance Minister’s spokesperson refused to comment on the specific nature of the differences, however anonymous government sources suggest that the SUP wishes to initiate a massive reform of the bloated National Health system and that the reforms include significant changes to laws that the previous PSJ led coalition enacted.

The leader of the Union of Patriotic Right Forces (PRF) Rinald Kanic has said that his party ‘stands ready to support a much needed reform plan’ for the National Health system and that it is ‘high time that someone had the backbone’ to fix the ‘bureaucratic nightmare that the diet communists created’ when they expanded the Health Service. He also called for significant upgrades to the quality of care that citizens receive at health institutions and for the upgrade of healthcare infrastructure across the nation. In the Senate, Lord Treize Karolekov (Senate President and leader of the Vaule Fenix Party) has urged the Slavic Unity Party (SUP) to stand up for it’s principles and not to allow itself to be ‘bossed around by the PSJ’ on the issue. Lord Karolekov also suggested that the actions of the SUP will determine if the party will have a viable opportunity to form another government in the future, or if the party will be ‘forever relegated to the dustbin of history’.

In other news, a group of right wing college students affiliated with the PRF have created a new student organization and have requested official government permission to be registered as a political organization. The group has submitted registration documents under the name the Vaulian Blue Guard (VBG) and claims to have a total of 19,400 members thus far. The organization has published a governing charter outlining its political objectives, and is seeking to portray itself as the alternative to the S.V.A.R.Y. movement. Until today, S.V.A.R.Y. was the sole youth political movement in the Serene Republic and underwent an ideological shift to the center-left in the last four years. The VBG claims that S.V.A.R.Y. has become ‘ideologically corrupted by the left’ and has deviated from its original mandate.

The leader of the PRF, Rinald Kanic, welcomed the formation of the VBG but stated that the VBG ‘is not and should not be considered a part of the PRF’, but acknowledged that the two organizations do share ‘some common ideological positions’ and ‘appear to share a common, if not identical purpose’. Prime Minister Svatek, when asked to comment on the organization, simply said that it is ‘a good sign that our young people are becoming increasingly active in politics’.

In the Vancouver territory, the Vancouver Occupation Authority (VOA) has announced that all former Imperium citizens living in the territory must submit their biographical information, including fingerprints and photographs, to the VOA database within the next 10 days. Failure to do so, the VOA announced, would result in extreme difficulty when travelling abroad and will prevent the granting of Vancouver Residency. The VOA also announced that the Vancouver border will be reopened in the next few weeks ‘in order to facilitate the movement of people and supplies’ and to ‘allow the pace of reconstruction efforts’ to pick up. The VOA has also recommended to the government that it should seek to establish a border protocol with the Western Union as a springboard to increased regional trade and commerce.

In other news, thousands of police and riot control officers have deployed in the city of Esternaya, East Ingushetia, ahead of planned protests at the Great Mosque. The protests, scheduled for tomorrow will place to opposing groups in extremely close proximity to each other. In an attempt to diffuse the situation, the Commander of the East Ingushetia Police Forces and the Military Commander of the Esternaya Military Garrison issued a joint statement reminding all citizens that all marches or political gatherings are strictly prohibited under the terms of martial law. They urged both sides to allow the judicial system to progress and not to ‘stage unnecessary and highly illegal protests’. The Police Commander also announced that individuals who attempt to protest in violation of the law ‘will not simply be dispersed’ but ‘will face arrest’.

Once again, this is Ray Porter reporting, for VNN News.”[/i]-R. Porter

[quote][b][u]Charter of the Vaulian Blue Guard[/u][/b]


[i]We declare our constant and unflinching loyalty to the Serene Republic of Vaule and to His Most Orthodox Royal Highness Imperator Pyotr I under whose leadership and guidance the nation has progressed and who remains a constant beacon of stability.[/i]

The fundamental objectives of the Blue Guard are as follows:[list]
[*]To counter the growing influence of the ideological left wing in Vaule
[*]To completely reject and condemn separatism and regional autonomy in all of its forms
[*]To preserve our economic system and to prevent a resurgence of the Bolshevist Command economy
[*]To ground legislation in the Orthodox Christian values of the state
[*]To lobby for legislation to prohibit divorce, blasphemy and abortion
[*]To lobby for legislation to ban the left-wing Bolshevist Party for Social Justice
[*]To lobby for legislation to ban worker’s strikes and the Bolshevist unions that encourage them
[*]To end the decadent liberal ‘pseudo-democracy’ in which the Imperial throne is balanced by Parliament
[*]To eliminate the oppressive government bureaucracy that exists in the capital
[*]To lobby for a balanced education curriculum to replace one that glorifies the achievements of the left
[*]To lobby for the rehabilitation of the image and legacy of His Excellency President Mikhail Khudorozkina, who’s image has been slandered for decades by the left.
[i]We shall seek to accomplish these goals by encouraging our fellow young people to become more politically aware, to take charge of their own destinies and by peaceful political advocacy and a respect for the institutions of the state (even the Bolshevist controlled ones) and for the true democratic process.

These truths we declare today before God and all citizens.[/i][/quote]

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[b][u]VNN News: Post war repairs underway, Vancouver becomes IMT[/b][/u]

[i]“Today, major construction repairs have begun on infrastructure damaged during the recent war with the Northern Imperium. Construction crews in the Yuktobania Autonomous Community (YAC) have finished clearing debris and have now commenced reconstruction of several facilities damaged during the war. While much of the nation received minimal damage, several ports in Yuktobania were targeted and destroyed during the conflict. The loss of these ports will affect both civilian and military shipping in the area for the next several months. Additionally, the regional Parliament building in Yuktobania was also destroyed by an Imperium missile attack.

Major reconstruction is now underway in Yuktobania as the government seeks to expand the ports and to rebuild the Parliament building. The expansion of the ports will eventually permit increased regional trade, and will permit Yuktobania to become the main corridor for shipping to Vancouver and beyond. According to the Yuktobanian regional Governor, the use of local construction materials and local construction workers has provided a much needed economic boost to the region.

In the capital city of Sygh-Varthys, cleanup crews are finishing their work in areas of the city affected by the biological weapon attack, while the Ministry of Emergency Situations is coordinating the return of those citizens who were displaced by the attack and the aftermath.

In other news, the Office of the Imperator has announced that Vancouver will become an Imperial Mandate Territory (IMT) with a wide range of autonomy and a strong regional Constitution. Once reconstruction is complete, consultations will begin on a regional Constitution for Vancouver and on the formation of an autonomous government. Initially, an Imperial spokesman revealed, the Vancouver government will be partially elected and partially appointed until such time as the government allows full democratic elections for all regional government posts.

Surprisingly, Vancouver is experiencing quite a construction boom as several building and engineering firms flock to the province to snap up rebuilding contracts. Initial estimates suggest that as many as 30,000 construction workers and 28 construction firms are now in the Vancouver region.

We will continue to report on these and other news stories as they develop. As always, this is Ray Porter reporting for VNN News.”[/i]-R. Porter

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[b][u]VNN News: Vancouver reconstruction delayed, incident in EIAC[/u][/b]

[i]“After more than four months of heavy reconstruction in Vancouver, much of the city still remains significantly damaged. Construction crews have been working 22 hour shifts, 6 days a week as they attempt to rebuild the Vancouver metropolitan area. The construction effort has faced numerous delays as crews have had to clear large piles of debris and transport construction materials into and out of the city using the heavily damaged roadways.

According to the Vancouver Occupation Authority (VOA), the reconstruction effort in the city will take at least two years to be entirely complete. Fortunately, according to the VOA, there has been little to no damage to Vancouver Island and its environs as a result of the war. This has enabled the VOA to use the island as an interim location for individuals displaced from the Vancouver metropolitan area. According to the official Vancouver database, there are 673,000 Vancouver residents, 201,000 of which have been displaced. Of these individuals, the VOA has reported that 10,941 have been detained for their roles in the former Northern Imperium, and 300 former Imperium military officers have been sentenced thus far.

On the political front, the Vancouver Occupation Authority has mandated the Vaulian Electoral Commission to begin the process of drawing regional electoral boundaries for the Vancouver Territory. According to the VOA’s political spokesman, the Electoral Commission has been tasked with the creation of one hundred political sub units that will elect the future Vancouver Legislature. This proposed legislature will be tasked with drafting a regional charter to govern the Vancouver Territory and will be responsible for the formation of the governmental institutions for the territory.

In other news, a group of 14,000 Vaulian citizens has filed applications to relocate to the Vancouver Territory. It is expected that these applications will be the first in a flood of applications as mainland citizens seek to take advantage of the lower property costs in the city and to fill the high demand for construction workers and engineers in the territory.

In other news, an unauthorized protest in the East Ingushetia Autonomous Community (EIAC) ended in bloodshed as the Liberation Army of East Siberia (LAES) infiltrated the crowd of separatist protesters. Details remain unclear at this time, however it is confirmed that the separatist rally was confronted by a nationalist rally seeking to disperse them. State Security forces, backed by a contingent of the army, confronted the groups of protesters in order to disperse them and to arrest the key agitators. The leader of the separatist Ingush Liberal Party (ILP) Vladimir al-Abdullah, was assassinated by an unknown assailant during the rally. As the police moved to regain control of the area, groups of LAES terrorists attacked them, resulting in numerous casualties in the ensuing battle.

According to the preliminary report, a group of terrorists took refuge in the Grand Mosque and refused to exit the building. In the ensuing battle, the mosque was heavily damaged and the remaining terrorists killed. There is, as of yet, no official count of the dead and wounded, but some sources suggest that as many as 30 deaths and hundreds of injuries.

In response to the incident, Governor Bakiyev has ordered a high level inquiry into the events and has insisted that the police forces also investigate how Vladimir al-Abdullah was assassinated. Governor Bakiyev has again called for calm in the province and has urged the public to wait for the results of the investigation before jumping to conclusions. The Governor also sought to remind the public that all gatherings of three or more people remain strictly prohibited.

In international news, there have been unconfirmed reports that the wife of assassinated ILP leader Vladimir al-Abdullah was arrested on terrorism charges in neighboring Marscurian Siberia. Our VNN News team contacted the Foreign Ministry, but they would not comment on the specifics of the case other than to confirm that a ‘Vaulian political refugee’ in Marscurian Siberia was detained by Marscurian police and that ‘the appropriate protocols were observed and that the government is in communication with the Marscurian authorities. While the Foreign Ministry has declined to name the citizen in question, sources among the Vaulian community in Marscurian Siberia have confirmed that Marissa al-Abdullah was indeed detained.

This is Ray Porter, for VNN News. Join us again tomorrow as we begin the transition to HD broadcasting. HD: It’s just better.”[/i]-R. Porter

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[b][u]VNN News: Prime Minister’s budget proposal fails in Parliament[/u][/b]

[i]“As the nation’s economic recession continues, and unemployment continues it’s upward climb, the government failed to win approval of it’s draft budget in Parliament today. The initiative, drafted by Prime Minister Svatek and his Party for Social Justice (PSJ), failed to obtain support from any other party in Parliament. The initiative would halt cuts to social programs and spending and would introduce a tax cut for the lower two tax bands. While the Prime Minister insisted that this approach would be necessary to combat the stagnant economic growth, the budget deficit and the rising national debt, the Opposition parties countered that the PSJ’s proposed budget would damage the prospects of economic recovery.

The Slavic Unity Party (SUP), the PSJ’s main coalition partner, has announced that it will introduce its own national budget that will result in 5% economic growth and a 0.5% budget surplus in the first two years. The SUP initiative would likely be supported by several other opposition parties, but will be opposed by the Party for Social Justice (PSJ). This marks the second time that the current government has failed to garner enough support to introduce a budget proposal to the Parliament for debate.

Prime Minister Svatek is also concerned about the very real prospect of introducing a budget which fails to pass the Parliament. A situation that would be treated as a no-confidence vote in his administration. The coalition is also under pressure as the Slavic Unity Party (SUP) feels that it would stand to gain at least 26 more seats in Parliament if an election is held now.

In other news, His Most Orthodox Royal Highness the Imperator has issued a statement calling on the Prime Minister and the Parliament to ‘work together for the benefit of the nation’ and to strive to ‘address the economic situation in the country’ as soon as possible. The statement also suggested that the Imperator is watching the developments in the East Ingushetia Autonomous Community closely as the Ingush Liberal Party (ILP) controlled Regional Parliament squares off against Regional Governor Bakiyev. In both of these situations the Imperator has hinted that ‘actions could be taken in the interests of the nation’ to resolve both situations.

The reconstruction effort continues in Vancouver as construction crews clear away debris and rebuild the Vancouver metropolitan area. The Vaulian Occupation Authority (VOA) has reported that rebuilding efforts are progressing ahead of schedule and that the ‘foundations for the self-governing institutions of Vancouver’ are now in place and that the transition to a Vancouver elected government is ‘well underway’.

This is Ray Porter reporting, for VNN News.”[/i]-R. Porter

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[b][u]VNN News: Government legalizes prostitution, dissolves EIAC Parliament[/u][/b]

[i]“In a move that has provoked outrage among the Orthodox clergy, the Parliament approved a controversial new law that will legalize prostitution in the Serene Republic. The new law, which has been condemned by the Patriarch of the Vaulian Orthodox Church as being a ‘calculated attack upon the morality of the nation’, was introduced by the Prime Minister with support from the Slavic Unity Party (SUP). The law was passed by a narrow majority in Parliament and was swiftly approved by two-thirds of the Senate.

Under the new legislation a new department will be created and placed under the jurisdiction of the Interior Ministry. This department, called the Bureau of Special Services (BSS) will be responsible for registering all prostitutes and for overseeing tax collection on their income. The state run Bureau will have a government mandated monopoly on prostitution. This monopoly is explicitly included in the new law which also imposes a B$900,000 fine and 30 day jail term for individuals who ‘practice their trade while not being registered with the BSS’.[/i]

[quote][b][u]Legalization of Prostitution Act[/u][/b]

This Act hereby repeals the Prohibition of Immorality Act (1977) with immediate effect.

This Act legalizes prostitution in the Serene Republic as follows:

-The Bureau of Special Services (BSS) is created with a mandate to register, oversee and tax all individuals offering such services.

-All individuals whose trades/professions are covered under the now repealed Prohibition of Immorality Act (1977), are required to register with the BSS and file annual income documentation with the Bureau.

-Individuals who practice a trade covered under the former Prohibition of Immorality Act (1977) while not being registered with or approved by the BSS are subject to a fine of not less than B$900,000 and 30 days imprisonment.

-The Bureau of Special Services (BSS) shall hold an absolute state monopoly on all trades specified under the Prohibition of Immorality Act.

-Pursuant to the Workers’ Union Representation Act (1929), all individuals registered with the Bureau, shall be offered membership in a government approved union to represent their interests.

-The approved union for employees of the BSS shall be the: [b]Prostitutes’ Representative Organization for Security, Social Investment and Entrepreneurship (PROSSIE)[/b]

[i]“Seeking to address fears that the legalization of prostitution in the Serene Republic would mark the beginning of a ‘moral decline’ the Prime Minister countered that the move would undermine existing ‘illegal prostitution networks’ and provide the state with a new revenue source that would be collected transparently and be subject to taxes and greater scrutiny. Under the new law, the Prime Minister revealed, the Bureau of Special Services will collect 18% of the income generated.

Needless to say, the move has been condemned by both the Vaulian Orthodox Church and the Islamic Council of Vaule.

In other news, the Office of the Imperator has announced that the Regional Parliament of the East Ingushetia Autonomous Community (EIAC) is ‘immediately dissolved’ and that all of the elected Members of the Regional Parliament (MRPs) are ‘removed from office’. The announcement also revealed that until a new legislative election is held in East Ingushetia, all legislative powers of the Regional Parliament shall be vested in the Office of the Regional Governor. This is the latest development in a year long saga that has paralyzed the regional government in the province.

The Regional Parliament, which was controlled by members of the Ingush Liberal Party (ILP) faced staunch opposition from the Regional Governor and his Vaule National Front (VNF) party. The Regional Parliament has been unable to enact any legislation due to the governor’s insistence on vetoing any law that ‘is aimed at furthering the separatist agenda’ and due to the ILP’s insistence that it ‘should not be prevented from carrying out its duties by an anti-Islamist Regional Governor’. This paralysis has meant that government services in the province have been halted and state officials have not been paid in more than six months.

In light of the dissolution order, Regional Governor Bakiyev is likely to enact several new laws without the Regional Legislature to oppose him.”[/i]-Ray Porter

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[b][u]VNN News: Gov’t to convene Const. Assembly, reconstruction almost complete[/b][/u]

[i]“In light of recent agreements signed at the Slavic Summit in Omsk, the Prime Minister revealed today, that the government intends to convene a National Constituent Assembly (NCA) for the purpose of reforming the Vaulian Constitution. These reforms, the Prime Minister suggested, would be necessary to bring the nation in line with the Accords signed in Omsk, and will pave the way for the next steps towards unification. According to the agreement signed in Omsk, citizens can shortly expect easy travel across the western border due to a standardization of identification and passport systems and a pending virtual elimination of the border. Citizens will also shortly notice that goods imported from Vostokslavia will no longer be taxed.

On the Constitutional side of things, the Justice Ministry has reported that in order to fully implement the proposed common currency and central bank regulations, the Vaulian Constitution would need to be modified to reflect the agreements signed in Omsk. The list of Constitutional Amendments required, coupled with other proposed Constitutional reforms made the prospect of amendment by the Parliament unfeasible and legally questionable. Accordingly, the Justice Ministry concluded, the government must convene a National Constituent Assembly to undertake the reforms. As is the customary protocol, the Prime Minister and Cabinet approved a motion for a Constituent Assembly and transmitted the request to His Most Orthodox Royal Highness Imperator Pyotr. It is understood that the Imperator approved the request and has called for the Constituent Assembly to be convened ‘as soon as possible’.

In other news, reconstruction efforts have nearly been completed as the nation continues to recover from the last war against the Northern Imperium. According to a report by the Ministry of the Interior, reconstruction is now 98% complete with all infrastructure in the Yuktobania and Sakhalin Autonomous Communities fully repaired. The Vaulian military has also reported that it’s repairs to damaged equipment and facilities are ‘progressing rapidly’ and that the repairs are 90% complete. Notably, the Regional Parliament building in Yuktobania, which was heavily damaged by the Northern Imperium, has been rebuilt and the Regional Parliament held its first session in the building today. Before the session got underway, the Speaker called for a moment of silence in memory of those who were killed in the attack on the building.

Further afield, the city of Vancouver is now 77% rebuilt and the remainder of the Vancovuer Territory has been completely rebuilt. There is still much work to be done in the city center, where piles of debris remain, but life is returning to normal in the rest of the territory. The construction boom in the territory has fueled a demand for construction materials and workers as the area is rebuilt. The Vancouver Occupation Authority (VOA) now reports that the city will be ‘entirely rebuilt’ by the end of this year.

In other news, the Vancouver Occupation Authority (VOA) has announced that it will dissolve itself in the next thirty days and hand over authority to a new Vancouver government. According to the VOA, HMORH Imperator Pyotr has ‘granted the Vancouver Territory a Charter and status as an Imperial Mandate Territory (IMT)’. Under the Vancouver Charter, local affairs will be managed by an appointed Vancouver Governor and a Vancouver Legislature composed of 50 members (25 of whom will be directly elected). The Charter also makes provisions for Vancouver to choose to adopt either Vaulian Common Law or English Civil Law for judicial processes.

Finally, the Vaulian government executed 24 former Northern Imperium military officials today. According to a statement from the State Prosecutor’s Office, the individuals were found to have served in the Imperium’s military during the last war and have been linked to the Imperium’s chemical weapons program. It is understood that the death sentence was handed down two months ago, but that the defendants appealed the decision. Their final appeal was rejected three days ago.

This is Ray Porter, reporting for VNN News. Up next the award winning drama series [b] “A Touch of Death”[/b] followed by a new episode of Vaule’s favorite comedy [b]My Daughter is the Anti-Christ[/b]. Stay tuned!”[/i]-R. Porter

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[b][u]VNN News: Vancouver Charter published, Constituent Assembly to convene tomorrow, PM mulls snap election[/u][/b]

[i]"The Office of the Imperator today released the full text of the Charter of the Vancouver Territory as residents of the territory vote to appoint the first autonomous government since the fall of the Former Northern Imperium. The Charter includes provisions defining the institutions of government of the territory, the rights of citizens and residents, and the status of Vancouver within Vaule. As the charter creates an Imperial Mandate Territory (IMT) rather than an Autonomous Community (AC), it does not require a referendum for adoption. The Charter also can not be amended without Imperial assent, and the approval of the Vaulian Parliament.

In other news, the Prime Minister has announced that the Constituent Assembly will hold its first session tomorrow afternoon and will begin the Constitutional Review process shortly thereafter. The Assembly has been tasked with amending various articles of the Vaulian Constitution to be more in line with the treaties signed by the Minister for Slavic Unification, as well as in line with the new direction of the Serene Republic. The Assembly is also expected to consider a motion to change the national election system for MPs to the national parliament.

Due to the formation of the Constituent Assembly, along with the legislative paralysis in Parliament which has prevented the government from effectively addressing the nation's economic woes, the Prime Minister is understood to be considering calling a snap election in order to obtain a renewed mandate for economic reform. The Prime Minister's Party for Social Justice (PSJ) is said to be concerned that a possible snap election could dissolve the coalition with the Slavic Unity Party (SUP) and could force the PSJ into uncomfortable coalition negotiations at a time of continuing economic difficulty.

This is Ray Porter reporting, for VNN News."[/i]-R. Porter


[quote][b][u]Imperial Charter for the Vancouver Territory[/u][/b]

[b]Preamble: Declaration[/b]

The Vancouver Imperial Mandate Territory (hereafter referred to as the Vancouver Territory) is an inseparable and indisputable part of the Serene Republic of Vaule. The status of the Vancouver Territory within the Serene Republic of Vaule may not be altered without the approval of the Crown and the Parliament of the Serene Republic.

[b]Article 1: Territory[/b]

The Vancouver Territory shall consist of the entirety of Vancouver Island and the City of Vancouver inclusive of the Vancouver metropolitan area, and their associated airspace and territorial waters as defined by the Airspace and Territorial Waters Act (2009).

[b]Article 2: Imperial Mandate Status[/b]

The Vancouver Territory shall be an Imperial Mandate Territory within the Serene Republic of Vaule and shall be accorded political and judicial autonomy through the creation of institutions of self-government as defined by this Charter.

[b]Article 3: Previous Status[/b]

All laws, ordinances, edicts or decrees relating to the Vancouver territory which were in force prior to the surrender of the government of the Northern Imperium are declared entirely null and void and may not be used as the basis for any judicial or legislative acts.

[b]Article 4: Former Regime Officials[/b]

To assure the stable governance of the Vancouver Territory and to prevent the resurgence of elements of the former regime, any individual who was resident in Vancouver prior to the adoption of this Charter and who (at any time during the last twenty-seven years) served in the government of the Former Northern Imperium (in either a military or civilian capacity) shall be permanently barred from holding any government post in the Vancouver Territory.

[b]Article 5: Autonomous Government[/b]

The Vancouver Territory shall be governed by the Vancouver Autonomous government which shall consist of the following offices:

-Governor of the Vancouver Territory
-Legislative Council of the Vancouver Territory
-Judicial Council of the Vancouver Territory

[b]Article 5 a) Governor of the Vancouver Territory[/b]
The Governor of the Vancouver Territory is the head of the government of the Vancouver Territory and the head of the Executive branch of the government. The Governor of the Vancouver Territory shall be appointed by Imperial decree and shall serve a five year term in office. A sitting Governor may only serve two consecutive terms in office and may be removed from office either by impeachment or by Imperial decree.

Candidates for the Governor of the Vancouver Territory must reside in the territory, must be of sound character, must be a Vaulian Citizen, must not be holding any other political office (either in Vancouver or on the mainland) at the time of his/her appointment.

[b]Article 5 b) Legislative Council of Vancouver[/b]

The Legislative Council of Vancouver shall consist of one hundred (100) members (MLCs), fifty (50) of which shall be directly elected by the residents of Vancouver and fifty (50) of which are directly appointed by the Crown. Members of the Legislative Council (MLCs) shall serve six year terms in office unless the Legislative Council is dissolved prior to the sixth year of its election.

The Legislative Council of Vancouver shall exercise all legislative powers in the Vancouver Territory and is empowered to enact any legislation as long as said legislation does not conflict with this Charter, the Constitution of the Serene Republic of Vaule, or any other Imperial Decree in force at the time of said law’s adoption. The Legislative Council shall also oversee the actions of the Governor of Vancouver and shall, if there is just cause to do so, impeach the Governor by a vote of not less than two-thirds of its membership.

[b]Article 5 c) Judicial Council of Vancouver[/b]

The Judicial Council of Vancouver shall consist of the Vancouver Regional and Criminal Courts and all lesser judicial bodies placed under their oversight. The Judicial Council shall be responsible for all judicial matters in the Vancouver Territory except those regarding citizenship, voting and amendments to this Charter. The Judicial Council shall decide to either utilize Vaulian Common Law or English Civil Law in its processes.

[b]Article 6: Citizenship and Residency[/b]

Any individual who resided in Vancouver prior to the adoption of this charter, and who is not disqualified from holding citizenship per the terms of the Traitors and Enemies of the State Act (1999) shall become Vaulian citizens. Those individuals who, on or prior to January 1, 20XX, resided primarily in Vancouver for more than six months shall be considered Vancouver Residents.

[b]Article 7: Voting[/b]

All Vaulian citizens who are also Vancouver Residents and who have reached the age of 17 years shall be permitted to vote in Vancouver elections and to stand for public office. Vaulian citizens who are not Vancouver Residents are strictly prohibited from voting in Vancouver.

[b]Article 8: Rights of Citizens in Vancouver[/b]

Vaulian citizens resident in the Vancouver Territory have the right not to be subjected to arbitrary arrest or detention, unlawful search and seizure or deprivation or restrictions upon their freedoms.

Vaulian citizens resident in the Vancouver Territory have the right to freedom of assembly, communication, movement, religion, speech and any other rights afforded to them by virtue of their Vaulian citizenship.

Vaulian citizens resident in the Vancouver Territory have the right to a High Speed Internet Access of not less than 100 Mbit/sec.

[b]Article 9: External Affairs[/b]

All external affairs of the Vancouver Territory, including but not limited to, foreign affairs, defense, external trade agreements and entry and exit permits shall be managed by the Government of the Serene Republic of Vaule.

[b]Article 10: Symbols of the Vancouver Territory[/b]

The Flag of the Vancouver Territory shall be as described in the Heraldic Territory Act (2012). The Vancouver Territory Flag should be displayed alongside the Vaulian National Flag at all government buildings and border posts in Vancouver. When flown alongside the Vaulian National Flag, the National Flag must be placed in a more prominent position or to the left of the Vancouver flag.

The Anthem of the Vancouver Territory shall be [i]O Vancouver![/i] set to the tune of the Canadian National Anthem. The motto of the Vancouver Territory shall be [i]Plvs Vltra[/i].

[b]Article 11: Amendments & Modifications[/b]

This Charter and it’s articles may not be amended or modified by the governing institutions of the Vancouver Territory.

[b]Granted to the People of Vancouver upon the Twenty-fifth (25) of November by His Most Orthodox Royal Highness Imperator Pyotr I[/b][/quote]

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[b][u]VNN News: Prime Minister faces no confidence vote, Ingush referendum underway[/u][/b]

[i]“Prime Minister Svatek’s government, and his Party for Social Justice (PSJ), appear to be on the brink today as the Opposition Union of Patriotic Right Forces (PRF) has introduced a motion of no-confidence in the government. Citing the failure of Prime Minister Svatek to approve a new budget and the collapse of the PSJ-SUP coalition, the PRF has claimed that the government has lost both the confidence of the Parliament and of the Vaulian people. This situation, the PRF claims, has paralyzed the government and has worsened the national economic situation by requiring the Party for Social Justice (PSJ) to obtain support from either the Nationalist or Slavic factions in order to pass key legislation.

The Prime Minister’s government is also plagued by deep unpopularity among the electorate due to the continuing economic recession. Food and commodity prices have risen by 3.9% over the past nine months and fuel prices have hit an all time record high of B$1.12 per gallon. Adding to the confusion, the government has been unable to approve key budget changes for the last 2 year period which resulted in all expenditures and revenues being frozen at their last approved limits.

There is some good news on the economic front however. The National Statistical Institute (NSI) has confirmed that unemployment has continued its downward trend over the past year and is now at just below 12.4%. Across the nation, the East Ingushetia Autonomous Community reported the highest level of unemployment, 26% while the Northern Territories reported the lowest level of unemployment at 0.9%. While the Opposition PRF acknowledges the new economic numbers as being ‘a positive development’, they maintain that the reduction in unemployment is due more to the opening of the western frontier, the construction boom in Vancouver and the expansion of the oil and natural gas industry, rather than to government policy.

Prime Minister Svatek’s government can only survive the PRF-led no confidence vote if the New Nationalist Front (NNF) sides with the government or if the Slavic Unity Party (SUP) abstains instead of supporting the motion. This would further weaken the Svatek administration as it would likely force the government to make some key policy concessions to the Nationalists in order to secure their support.

In other news, in the East Ingushetia Autonomous Community, former Regional Parliament members from the Ingush Liberal Party (ILP) have announced their intention to form a ‘parallel legislature’ in the province as a protest against the decision to dissolve the Regional Parliament and hand all legislative powers to Regional Governor Bakiyev. The ILP representatives claim that their election to the Regional Parliament gave them a clear and unquestionable electoral mandate, but that it was the obstructive position of Governor Bakiyev that triggered the paralysis in the province. The parallel legislature has been set up at the Esternaya HQ of the ILP and consists of the former ILP MRPs and a handful of other representatives. As expected, Governor Bakiyev has rejected this ILP move as being a 'subversively unconstitutional maneuver' which changes nothing in the province.[/i]

[i]We will continue to monitor these and other developments as they occur. This is Ray Porter reporting, for VNN News."[/i]- R.Porter.


[b][u]TV5.14 Breaking News: Nuclear disaster[/u][/b]

[b]***After a very realistic looking news intro, the camera zooms into a worried looking news anchor wearing a ushanka***[/b]

[i]“Good evening ladies and gentlemen, we have urgent breaking news. There has been a massive catastrophe…”[/i]

Suddenly, two men in military uniforms charge into view and throw the news anchor to the ground as the screen goes dark displaying a message saying : “Technical Difficulties, Please stand by”

After a few minutes, the feed is restored and a rather plain looking news anchor sits at the news desk. In a deadpan voice, he says:

[i]“We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for this news flash.

There has been no nuclear disaster in the Serene Republic today. The Nuclear Power Plant in East Ingushetia is not currently in meltdown. There have been no casualties as a result of this incident which did not happen. The Police and Emergency services have not been activated, because that would be idiotic since there is not currently a deadly cloud of radiation emanating from the reactor.

Citizens who would be in the path of the fallout, had this incident actually occurred, are not asked to take any precautions as there is absolutely no chance of high level radiation exposure from this incident…which we reiterate did not happen. There is no need to run for your lives, we are not going to die.

As a matter of fact, since nothing happened, there was no need for a breaking news bulletin. Ladies and gentlemen, this news bulletin did not happen, please disregard it. This is Carl O. Mediyan for TV5.14"[/i] - C. O. Mediyan.

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[b][u]VNN News: Constitution referendum to be held shortly; new Ruble notes enter circulation[/b][/u]

[i]"For many weeks the Russian Constituent Assembly has been hard at work drafting a governing charter for the soon-to-be Russian state. In what has amounted to military level secrecy the representatives of Vaule and Vostokslavia have been meeting behind closed doors to draft the new Constitution. This new Constitution is expected to not only outline the institutions of the Russian government but also to outline the fundamental moral and social values upon which the state will be based. Prime Minister Svatek announced that he held three high level cabinet meetings involving his Minister for Slavic Reunification who has 'taken personal charge of the situation' and is 'providing the cabinet and the government with periodic progress reports' on the latest developments.

Prime Minister Svatek has also confirmed that once the document is completed, it will be presented to the Vaulian people in a referendum. It is important, the Prime Minister noted, to recall that a vote rejecting the proposed Constitution is not synonymous with a vote to reject the Slavic Union. The Prime Minister also used the opportunity to assure the wider public that the new Constitution will reflect the 'input of the public on both sides of the Urals as well as principles agreed upon by the Inter-governmental dialogue started with the Omsk Accords.

In other news, citizens who made banking transactions after midnight last night were the first to notice that the New Russian Ruble (NRR$) has entered circulation. The new currency has replaced the Vauleyo-Buryatian Ruble (B$) at all ATMs and banks across the Serene Republic. Additionally, citizens who held savings accounts in the old currency have had their accounts automatically updated to reflect the change. In order to east the transition period, both the New Ruble and the old currency will be legal tender for at least the next 39 days. Any Vauleyo-Buryatian Ruble banknotes held after this time shall cease to have any monetary value.

In Science and Technology news, the Vaulian Space Agency (VSA) has announced plans to launch two new high tech satellites into orbit. These satellites, according to a VSA spokesman, will help augment existing navigational satellite capabilities. The VSA has also announced a three year strategic plan that would place a man on Mars by 20XX. The Director of the VSA gave a short statement to the press in which he outlined the organization's 'strategic goals' for the next decade, and stressed that the 'VSA does not exist simply to launch navigational and meteorological satellites' but that the organization also has a mandate to 'pursue scientific and technological knowledge beyond the bounds of our planet'.

Finally, the College of Cardinals of the Vaulian Orthodox Church is reviewing a new proposal that would allocate seats in the cottage to representatives of the faith who reside beyond the confines of the Vaulian mainland. This new proposal, according to Church officials, could allow Vaulian Orthodox Christians in Marscurian Siberia to select their representatives to the College via their own internal processes. This proposal, the spokesman revealed, would also need to be approved by the Marscurian government prior to its implementation. A number of Cardinals have expressed concerns that allowing Vaulians in Marscurian Siberia to select members to represent them in the College could be open to abuse if the Marscurian government decided to 'exercise political influence' over the members. The Patriarch has expressed his support for the move and has expressed the belief that the faithful in Marscury will soon have five of their own sitting in the College of Cardinals."[/i]

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[b][u]VNN News: Russian Constitution approved in referendum[/b][/u]

[i]"After a year long drafting process, the new Federal Constitution has finally been completed. The document, which was drawn up by a Constituent Assembly representing both Vostokslavia and Vaule, was formally handed to the Prime Ministers of both nations three days ago. The Constituent Assembly had requested additional time to make a few minor changes to the document before granting it's final approval of the Constitution last week. The new charter was approved by more than two-thirds of the members of the Constituent Assembly.

Asked to comment on the document, Prime Minister Svatek said that the new Constitution manages to accomplish the dual tasks of creating federal institutions and outlining the powers and responsibilities of such institutions and also outlines some 'key fundamental values of Slavic society' which will be important in shaping the new state. The Prime Minister also stated that the charter was drafted by a supranationally inclusive process which sought input from many sectors of society, both religious and secular groups as well as political and non-partisan groups.

After the final text of the Constitution was published, the government began to mobilize support for the 'Yes' campaign. The support of the Slavic Unity Party (SUP) and the New Nationalist Front (NNF) were instrumental in undertaking a nationwide campaign to urge citizens to approve the new Constitution. On the other side of the political spectrum, a halfhearted and rather disorganized 'No' campaign was led by the right wing Union of Patriotic Right Forces (PRF) and its leadership who insisted that the proposed Constitution did not go far enough in ensuring the 'supremacy of the Orthodox faith' and the 'unquestionable character of the nation as an ethnic Slavic country'.

As the dust settled from the campaigns, the voters turned out to vote in large numbers today on the Constitution. The Vaule Electoral Commission (VEC) has reported that nationwide turnout was estimated at 87.3% of eligible voters. The VEC has also reported that the Constitution was approved by a wide margin of 83.2% of eligible voters. The results indicate that 16.1% of voters opted to reject the Constitution and 0.7% of ballots were rejected. In the province by province result, the East Ingushetia Autonomous Community (EIAC) boasted the highest 'No' vote with 55% of voters rejecting the Constitution. On the other hand, the Yuktobania Autonomous Community (YAC) approved the charter with a nearly unanimous 97.7% of the vote.

With the Constitution approved, most political parties have already started gearing up for the first Federal Elections."[/i]

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[b][u]VNN News: Govt to address broadcast language concerns, new elections[/b][/u]


[i]"After apparent confusion about what will happen to broadcasting licenses and broadcasting language laws since the formation of the Greater Russian Empire, the Vaulian government has today sought to assure all currently licensed television, radio and newspaper providers that it will clarify any areas of concern and will shortly be approving a detailed new media law to reflect the new realities.


The Vaulian Prime Minister Bryon Svatek, who recently failed in his bid to be elected to the Russian Duma, has stated that all  local and regional broadcasters will be allowed to continue the use of Vaulian or any other approved minority language in their broadcasts for the foreseeable future. However, the Prime Minister said, the Russian government will likely incentivize those networks, radio stations and newspapers who opt to include Russian language broadcasts. This the Prime Minister suggested, will allow the networks to reach new audiences far beyond Vaule and would further encourage the principle of Slavic Unity. Singling out the work of VTV in East Ingushetia, the Prime Minister noted that there would be no effort to force the channel to switch to Russian only broadcasts and that they could continue to broadcast in Ingush or Vaulian.


In other news, the Prime Minister is expected to request a dissolution of the Vaulian Parliament and Local Government Institutions to hold a general election sometime in the next 45 to 60 days as required by the Vaulian Constitution. The delay in the dissolution request is due to the need to update a number of electoral laws in order to bring them into line with the new Federal Russian Constitution. For example, it has been noted that the Russian Constitution forbids individuals from serving in both the Russian Duma and another legislature (such as the Vaulian Parliament) simultaneously. The Prime Minister is also expected to draft a proposal regarding the voluntary consolidation of political parties in the Vaulian Parliament into a single 'National Patriotic Coalition (NPC)'.


This is Ray Porter reporting, for VNN News. Up next, [b]That Strange Place: A look at Marscurian Siberia[/b]. "[/i]



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[b][u]VNN News: Mystery disease spotted in Yakutsk[/b][/u]



[i]"The Ministry of Health today revealed that there have been three cases of a new mystery virus in the region just outside of the city of Yakutsk. The Health Minister revealed that doctors at the Yakutsk General Hospital encountered three individuals suffering from undisclosed symptoms. After initial medical treatment proved ineffective, the medical staff notified the government and conducted extensive laboratory testing to determine the cause of the illness and how to treat it. In a precautionary measure, teams from the Hazardous Materials and Emergency Disease Control departments of the Health Ministry have begun extensive investigations in the city of Yakutsk and have ordered the three individuals to be placed in isolation until further notice.


The Ministry of Health is requesting that individuals avoid travelling to the northern suburbs of Yakutsk and that anyone in the area who is experiencing unusual symptoms should contact the Yakutsk General Hospital without delay. For residents of the suburb, the Health Ministry has placed a temporary quarantine around the area until 9pm next Friday. With the quarantine in place, citizens will not be able to travel into or out of the quarantine zone unless it can be proved that they have not contracted the mystery virus. Citizens living in the Greater Yakutsk Metropolitan region are asked to pay close attention to Health Ministry bulletins and to cooperate with Health Ministry officials when asked to do so.


As with any mysterious illness, there are already several far-fetched theories about the causes of the illness. One such theory suggests that the three individuals are suffering the side-effects of exposure to a biological weapon agent. Supporters of this theory point to the fact that there is a military research facility north of the city of Yakutsk which may (though it has never been proven) be a weapons manufacture facility. These individuals have also claimed that 'suspicious persons' have been spotted in northern Yakutsk with Geiger counters. However it is impossible to verify these claims at this time."[/i]-R.Porter

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[b][u]VNN News: Peacekeeping force incorporated[/b][/u]



[i]"The legal status of the Chancellery of Cyrantia within the Serene Republic of Vaule was queried by an MP from the Opposition Union of Patriotic Right Forces (PRF) in Parliament today. The MP noted that while there is a small peacekeeping force in place, they have been operating without an official mandate since the collapse of the Cyrantian government. In his speech in Parliament he called on the Vaulian government to address the matter and give 'clear and unmistakable guidance' to the peacekeepers in the region. He also informed that Parliament that while the previous Minister of Foreign Affairs left instructions for an official announcement regarding the Peacekeeping force, no public announcement was made. 


The Vaulian government investigated the issues raised by the PRF MP and confirmed to the Parliament that no announcement was made and that the handful of Peacekeepers were operating without an official mandate. The government  moved rapidly to rectify the situation by approving a Cyrantia Peacekeeping Force (C-FOR) which will include forces already present in Cyrantia and an additional contingent of 9,500 soldiers who will be deployed immediately. The government clarified that the absence of the mandate and the additional troops did not in any way prevent the effective distribution of aid supplies to the region or the ability of the Cyrantian security forces to continue their duties. The government also pledged to put measures in place to ensure that such a situation does not occur again in the future.


This afternoon, the government of the Serene Republic released the following statement to the press and via the relevant Embassies abroad: "We hereby affirm that the former Chancellery of Cyrantia is a protectorate of the Serene Republic of Vaule (constituent state of the Greater Russian Empire) until such time as the government of the region is able to exercise sovereignty over it's territory" "[/i]




10,500 troops and their equipment are deployed to the territory of the former Chancellery of Cyrantia from the nearby Yuktobania and East Ingushetia Autonomous Communities. As an additional precaution, the Vaulian Ambassador to Sarana/Kamchatka would establish contact with the government there to ensure it's continued existence. Should Kamchatka be found to be without a stable government, then plans for an additional 2,000 soldier peacekeeping force would be prepared without delay.

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[b][u]VNN News: Independence day celebrated[/b][/u]
[i]“The Serene Republic of Vaule celebrated Independence day today in several ceremonies across the country. The celebrations were much more somber and low-key this year as the nation is still in mourning after the assassination of His Most Orthodox Royal Highness Imperator Pyotr I. In the city of Sygh-Varthys politicians and military officials led celebrations in Revolution Square after pausing for a moment of silence in memory of the deceased Imperator and for the Father of the Nation Former President Zhukov.
The late President’s daughter Natalya Zhukova gave a stirring speech about her father and his vision for the nation. She marveled at the progress that had been made over the last few decades, yet warned that there is still much work to be done in order to build a truly equitable state that lives up to its promise for all of its citizens. Ms. Zhukova also paid tribute to HMORH Imperator Pyotr and took the occasion to wish the Crown Prince good luck ahead of his coronation. After giving her speech, Ms. Zhukova was briefly interviewed by the press and sought to dismiss rumors that she was contemplating a political career.
Her Royal Highness the Imperatrix-consort attended Independence celebrations in the city of Zhukovgrad alongside Federal Prime Minister Boskovic and a handful of his Ministers. The Imperatrix-consort also attended a church service led by the Patriarch of the Vaulian Orthodox Church to mark the occasion. His Royal Highness the Crown Prince was notably absent from the celebrations however Her Royal Higness Princess Natasha attended independence celebrations in the Vancouver Territory. While there the Princess met with Vancouver officials and toured the newly reconstructed areas of southern Vancouver.
In other news, the Ministry of the Interior revealed that two thousand three hundred and forty two (2,342) prisoners were executed today after exhausting their legal appeals. These individuals were convicted of serious crimes ranging from treason and severe corruption to murder and war crimes. All of the executed war criminals were sentenced to death for crimes they committed while in the service of the fascist Northern Imperium regime. According to the Ministry report, in the past two years three thousand four hundred and twenty-one (3,421) individuals were given death sentences and are currently waiting on appeals.
The Ministry of Justice has revealed that it intends to propose amendments to the Death Penalty Act (1720) in order to resolve certain ambiguity between national and Autonomous Community legislation and to definitively spell out the list of crimes which may warrant the death penalty. The Justice Minister has indicated that this legislation may be before the Parliament sometime in the next few weeks and before the end of the term of the Federal Duma.”[/i]-Reporter
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[b][u]VNN News: Local Election preparations begin, Oil Workers threaten strike[/b][/u]
[i]“The Vaulian Electoral Council has announced that it has begun preparations for local and municipal elections in the Serene Republic. The VEC has also announced that an upgraded electronic voting system will be deployed across the country for the local elections. This new voting system, according to the Council, will eventually be implemented for national elections and referenda as well as for almost all elections in overseas territories and the Autonomous Communities. According to the Council, the East Ingushetia and Sakhalin Autonomous Communities will retain their existing system of paper ballots.
Under the existing voting system, eligible citizens select the candidate of their choice using the Electronic Vote System (EVS) which prints out a completed ballot indicating the voter’s choice while retaining their anonymity and the security of their ballot. The printed ballots would then be tallied to determine the result and the machines would not retain any information regarding the vote tally. Under the new system however, the machine vote tallies will be used to determine the result and the paper ballot receipts would be used only when needed to verify the machine generated totals. The new system, officially called the Electronic Vote System v2.0 (EVS2), will also be able to easily and securely transmit the vote totals to a handful of VEC locations which can in turn securely transmit the results to the VEC HQ in Sygh-Varthys.
The VEC will also be introducing a new system to handle voter identification and eligibility for the upcoming elections. The system, called the Electronic Voter Identification System (ELVIS) will quickly identify voters by their fingerprints and machine readable Voter ID cards and determine their eligibility to vote. The system will also be able to verify if the individual has previously attempted to vote at any polling station anywhere in the Serene Republic. The system will also automatically strike from the voter registry individuals who are confirmed to be no longer eligible to vote.
In other news, the Vaulian National Union of Oil Workers (NUOW) has threatened to call a general strike if the East Asia Company does not address several concerns raised by its members regarding safety and pay increases for workers on oil rigs. The union claims that due to the rising cost of living, its members are due a minimum raise of at least 6.5%. It is understood that the East Asia Company has rejected that request as being unreasonable and has countered with a proposed pay increase of 2.3%.”[/i]
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[b][u]VNN News: VNM vote of confidence in Bakiyev, Boskovic fails to form government[/b][/u]
[i]“In the East Ingushetia Autonomous Community today, the Regional Parliament voted on a symbolic confidence motion in the Regional Governor Artim Bakiyev. Despite vocal opposition to the move by the Ingush Liberal Party (ILP), the governing Vaule National Movement (VNM) used its 27 MRPs in the chamber to quickly pass the motion. According to the official report from the Speaker of the Regional Parliament, the motion expressed the legislative body’s ‘unwavering support’ for Governor Bakiyev and urged him to ‘continue and expand counter-terrorism initiatives across the province’ while urging the governor to ‘continue to vigorously and steadfastly oppose separatism and Islamism’ in the province. The Ingush Liberal Party and its 23 MRPs voted against the motion stating that it was nothing more than ‘state sponsored propaganda’ and aimed to ‘present the façade that Governor Bakiyev has universal support in East Ingushetia’. The ILP also charged that the references to ‘separatism and Islamism’ are a part of a campaign by the VNM to continue to demonize and attack the ILP.
While the motion is purely symbolic, it comes near to the end of Governor Bakiyev’s third term as Regional Governor of the province. It is widely expected that the Governor will shortly be reappointed for another term by Imperial decree when his current term expires. Governor Bakiyev has sought to increase his public profile over the last few months and has signaled a possible shift in focus from counter terrorism and anti-secessionism to economic growth in the province. This, analysts suggest, may mean that the Regional Government may finally be making a serious attempt to jump start the stagnant regional economy.
In the Vancouver Territory today the Legislative Council approved a coalition-government composed of the Socialist Party (SPV) and the Liberal Party (LPV) which holds 56 seats in the 100 member Legislative Council. The Office of the Imperator also announced the retirement of the incumbent Vancouver Governor due to declining health and took the opportunity to appoint his successor. The new Vancouver Governor will be retired Senior General Vladimir Kharkov who previously served as Foreign Minister, Vice President, Army Commander and Regional Governor of the Novaya Zemlya Autonomous Community. General Kharkov is expected to bring his years of expertise to the position. Upon receiving official notification of the appointment, the Legislative Council congratulated General Kharkov and stated that it’s members were looking forward to working with him for the betterment of Vancouver.
While United Russia continues to celebrate it’s emphatic election victory in the Federal elections, closer to home the Slavic Unity Party and it’s leadership are facing new obstacles in the Vaulian Parliament after failing to secure an outright majority. With 290 seats in the 651 member Parliament, the SUP is undoubtedly the largest party, but it has failed in all of its coalition forming initiatives so far. In an unexpected move, the Union of Patriotic Right Forces (PRF), the New National Front (NNF) and the Party for Social Justice (PSJ) signed an agreement to force the SUP to sit as a minority government. While the signatories of the pact hold 361 seats (a clear majority), only two of the signatories (the NNF and the PRF) have agreed to form a coalition."[/i]
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[b][u]VNN News: PROSSIE holds annual summit, gov’t delays local elections[/b][/u]
[i]“The Prostitutes' Representative Organization for Security, Social Investment and Entrepreneurship (PROSSIE) held it’s second annual conference in Sygh-Varthys today. The Organization, which is the sole union representing workers in the aforementioned industry, aims to draft an official document outlining working conditions and benefits which will be presented to the government at the conclusion of the conference. The Organization is expected to insist on the provision of certain minimum standards by the government and that certain laws and regulations are enforced.
The leadership committee of PROSSIE is also expected to address a proposal by the government’s Bureau of Special Services (BSS) to place all of its members on a 10% minimum tax scale in the next budget and which will require each member to file an annual statement of income with the BSS. Failure to comply with the requirement could result in hefty fines or jail time for members.
The leadership committee also sought to highlight the organization’s numerous successes since it’s formation including the establishment of 19 regional chapters covering the entirety of the Serene Republic with the exception of the East Ingushetia Autonomous Community (EIAC). The conference is expected to end in five days time with the presentation of the document to the BSS and the start of official negotiations between the union and the government.
In other news Prime Minister Boskovic has accepted his inability to form a coalition government and has announced his intention to lead a minority Slavic Unity Party (SUP) administration in the Vaulian Parliament. The Prime Minister lamented the unwillingness of other parties to even entertain talks of a coalition, but stated that he will not be deterred and that the message from the voters was ‘absolutely and unquestionably clear’. The Slavic Unity Party (SUP) has begun negotiations regarding the state budget for the next fiscal year and is expected to present the completed budget sometime in the next few weeks. Unfortunately for the Prime Minister, since his party does not have an outright majority, he will need the support of at least one opposition party in order to pass a budget.
Local and municipal council elections have been delayed by a week as the government wraps up debate on new legislation to reform the voting process in municipal elections. According to a statement from the office of the Prime Minister, a request was sent to the Office of the Imperator asking for a one week delay to the polls in order to facilitate the approval of the Municipal Electoral Reform laws and to reform the nature of municipal government administration. Under the proposed reform laws, a handful of de facto cities will be officially recognized as such and will be granted the same level of municipal representation as other major cities. “[/i]
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VNN Breaking News: Khabarovsk collapses, C-FOR intervenes
“We have received the following breaking news update from the headquarters of the C-FOR Peacekeeping mission to the Former Cyrantia. Moments ago, soldiers deployed to the base in the United People’s Republic of Khabarovsk confirmed the collapse of the government of Khabarovsk. According to an official statement, there was a lack of communication from the government of Khabarovsk for quite some time. The commanding officer of C-FOR General Yulia Sharapova ordered a team of Peacekeepers to determine the status of the Khabarovsk government and to report on the security situation in the area.
It is understood that this investigation led to the conclusion that the government of Khabarovsk had collapsed, but that the security situation in the area remains stable. In order to maintain this security and stability, C-FOR has moved into the entirety of the territory of the former United People’s Republic of Khabarovsk and will be providing security and support in the area until further notice.
The government has confirmed the C-FOR deployment and has officially announced that the United People’s Republic of Khabarovsk has reverted to a protectorate of the Vaulian constituent state of the Greater Russian Empire.
Join us in the next few hours when our team of reporters will be bringing you the story live from the former Khabarovsk. Until then, this is Ray Porter reporting for VNN News.
5,800 C-FOR Peacekeepers from the protectorate bordering the former UPRK are rapidly deployed to the area. An additional 5,000 C-FOR Peacekeepers are placed on standby.
Edited by Imperator Azenquor
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[b][u]VNN News: PM Boskovic to push for far reaching reforms, national census begins[/b][/u]
[i]“Despite leading a minority government, Prime Minister Boskovic today announced a plan to undertake major reforms to the administration of government in Vaule. According to the Prime Minister, his government will sharply reduce the number of government offices and administrative entities while simultaneously reducing bureaucracy and inefficiency in the public service. The Prime Minister also revealed his plan to reduce the number of Committees created by the Parliament and to dissolve any entities now made redundant by Russian Federal institutions.
Under the proposed reform plan, the government will also be significantly changing how state-run and partially state-owned companies are funded and how they are run. While details are scarce at the moment, there are strong suggestions that state-owned companies will have to be ‘financially viable’ on their own and should not depend upon ‘government financial support’ when they are in difficulty. The Opposition coalition has voiced cautious support for the Prime Minister’s initiative but has insisted that their approval of the reform program would require a commitment by the Prime Minister to reduce the number of government employees by at least 10% over two years.
In other news, the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) under the Ministry of the Interior has announced the start of the next national census. The census, which occurs once every decade, will provide important information to the government on a wide range of factors including income mobility, access levels to government services, population growth trends, and population movement trends. With an army of statisticians and field officers at their command, the NBS will be deploying census officials throughout the country to collect information. According to initial estimates, the census should be entirely completed within two to three weeks. The NBS has asked all news agencies to remind individuals that participation in the census is mandatory and that failing to do so is a minor criminal offense.
We will continue to keep you updated on these and other developments. This is Ray Porter reporting for VNN News. Stay tuned. Up next the award winning program [b]’Exorcise this House’[/b] followed by [b]’Secret Government Projects for make benefit of irradiated produce[/b]”[/i]- R. Porter
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