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Redefining Relations

Evangeline Anovilis

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Although Rosa had told the Greenlandic president that the situation in Ontario required her presence, it was less that she had to manage all aspects of state, but more, that the different departments and ministries got established, that first bills got signed, that policies were defined and also, that the possible diplomatic options were reviewed. after all, if she would not know what the people at home would agree to, how could she make any promises in the first place? at least not as a president and it was highly unlikely anyone would give much of a damn about what she as a person could promise, as, whatever it was, it was unrelated to the state as a hole, voiding any importance, no, any legitimation for a diplomatic visit in the first place. Ontario was no autocracy, people were happy it wasn't, Rosa too. Just as she finished signing another stack of documents, mostly boring, but necessary, her secretary knocked against the open door of her office. "Excuse me, Miss Christopher." Rosa looked up from a piece of paper she just had readied, her hand already holding a pen. "What is the matter, Crawford?" The young man smiled and entered, presenting her with a package in his left hand. Curiosly, Rosa accepted the small black box, not even a cubic decimetre in size, looking up at the man who stood before her desk. "What could this be?" "Well, nothing much. It's just the order you gave up last week." As she opened the package she saw for herself. "Ah, the new seal. Thanks." Quickly she closed the box again and stuffed it in a corner of her desk that was not yet occupied by stacks of documents, signed, unsigned, reviewed, still to be reviewed. Crawfords smile grew a bit uneasy, as he thought that he may have disturbed the Miss President and used up an unecessary amount of her time, that she may have preferrably used for something else. "Ahem...sorry. I guess I'll take my leave." Questioningly, Rosa looked at him, her brown eyes seemingly trying to figure out his thought process, before they grew kind, as she just replied. "Nothing to feel sorry for. I ordered the seal after all. But could you please wait and give this to the Foreign Ministry, if you'd be so kind?" "Well...sure." Rosa took up her pen again and wrote down a few lines, before handing them to her secretary, who left the office, seemingly relieved, once out of Christophers sight.

[quote][b]To: Arnuld Californian, President of Greenland
From: Rosa Christopher, President of Ontario[/b]

Esteemed President Californian,

As currently things are looking rather well internally for our country, I would like to accept your offer of our most recent telephone conversation and meet you in Eyvindsson City, in order to restablish relations with your country. While I hope the Greenlandic people share this sentiment, we do hope for positive relations, continuing the friendship that existed for quite some time already. Thus, I'd like to inquire, when exactly it would be possible to arrange such a meeting.

Matters that we see as necessary to discuss, range quite a bit, from economic cooperation, to possible military cooperation, with hopefully some room planned in, for matters that may arise still, or that Greenland wants to bring in.

With regards,
[i][font="Lucida Calligraphy"]Rosa Christopher[/font][/i][/quote]

[b]OOC:[/b] You can assume all the way to me arriving in Eyvindsson City, if you want. Or RP it out, whichever you prefer.

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President Californian would write out a reply, and it would be sent to the Ontarian Embassy in Eyvindsson City, to be passed on to the Ontarian government.

[quote][b]To:[/b] Rosa Christopher, President of Ontario
[b]From:[/b] Arnuld Californian, President of Greenland


We in Greenland strive to further relations between our nations, and I will arrange for the meeting to take place next week. The meeting will be held at the Kristjan Eyvindsson Royal Palace in our capital, and I am looking forward to discussing about the issues that you have specified, including but not limited to economic and military cooperation. The Foreign Ministry will undertake the necessary preparations for your arrival.

With the highest regards,

Arnuld Californian,
President of Greenland

OOC: You can rp out your character's arrival in Eyvindsson City, and we'll progress on from there.

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In coordination with the Greenlandic Foreign Ministry a date for the meeting would be arranged and the Ontarians worked out a flight schedule, for now still in a chartered aircraft, as the state had yet to purchase one for official state visits. The small Bombardier Challenger 600 would take off in Ontario in the middle of the night, to arrive in Eyvindsson City in the morning. After getting the ok by the tower, the aircraft would slowly descent upon the runway, keeping its nose up, until a sudden shock made known inside the plane, that the tires had touched the ground, immediadly the breaks hit in and the engines reversed thrust to get the aircraft to halt.

After reaching parking position, the hatch would be opened to allow President Christopher to leave exit the aircraft and step foot on Greenlandic soil.

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