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Dark Templar Down-date


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[quote name='Imperium of Cadia' timestamp='1348446544' post='3033468']
Sorry about the fact you guys LoSS'd your Forum...[/quote]
I C wut U did thar! :awesome:

Actually, there was an outage at the hosts' site, and our IT people are in tight communicado with their people - hopefully we'll be powered back on soon. Thanks for all the well-wishes and merger proposals.

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[quote name='Supa_Troop3r' timestamp='1348452730' post='3033504']
It's not like we use them anyways. This alliance is run via text messages.

I can attest to that. Though I don't know how much actual bsns gets done.

Also, how will I declare my supreme overlordship without forums?

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