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Sparta signs NpO


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Sparta hereby signs the following MDoAP treaty with the New Polar Order.

[center][size="5"]Tonight We Ski In Hell![/size]


It is said that former enemies turn out to be good friends. In this case, the New Polar Order and Sparta turned out to be just that. Good friends. Over the course of time, our two alliances connected and from that sprung a friendship that both alliances would like to inform Planet Bob about.

ARTICLE I. Sovereignty
Both signatories agree to respect the other signatory’s existence and shall not take any action to threaten it, be it directly or indirectly.

ARTICLE II. Non-Aggression
Both signatories agree not to engage in military actions on each other and that diplomacy will trump over war if an incident does arise.

ARTICLE III. Mutual Defense
An act of war upon one signatory is considered an act of war on the other and will be met with military actions. Should either signatory become involved in a war via a treaty with another ally, the other signatory will be encouraged, but not be obligated, to offer military assistance.

ARTICLE IV. Optional Aggression
If a signatory decides to engage in an offensive war and requires the assistance of another signatory, that signatory isn’t required to, but can partake in the offensive war.

ARTICLE V. Communication
If one signatory gains information that concerns the well-being of the other signatory, both will share the information.

If either signatory decides to cancel the treaty, they must inform the other signatory seventy-two hours in advance.

Signed for Sparta,
Tulak Hord - King of Sparta, Dark Lord of the Sith, Warmonger, Dictator of Black Team, Evil Overlord of Dos Equis, Collector of Skulls, Alliance Doctor, Drunkard of Khufu, Master of Coups, Royal Gatekeeper of the Brewery.
Adrian - King of Sparta, Local Tyrant, Alliance Dwarf, Dr. Evil.
Pompeius - !@#$%*, Archephor of Sparta, Keeper of the Keys, Head of Deliberation, Watchman of the Fields, Guardian of the Depths, Lover of Tacos, Wielder of the Sword of Compensation, That Other Drunkard, Virginal Sacrifice, Rememberator of Courage as He Walks, He Will Be Missed, But Not That Much. Also, Resident Tool.
Yerushalayim - Ephor of Philoxenia, Official Jew
DeathAdder - Ephor of Mesoa, Alliance Badass
Severus Knight - Ephor of Lykoi, Imperialist Scum

Signed for the New Polar Order,
His Imperial Excellency RandomInterrupt of Amber, Eternally At Fault. Diplomatic Shark, Mr. Sith Lord Bear, Caliph of the New Desolate Order, Minister of Sexual Healings, The Baconator, Theodore Roosevelt, In GE's Quit Message, Comrade of the Glorious People's Glorious Revolution, Scourge of the OWF, Genesis Minister of Awesome, favored son of Walford, Savior of the Disillusioned, God-Emperor of Mumbai, Destroyer of the Betrayers, and Clint Eastwood's inspiration. Also, Wisconsin.

Imperial Regent - Dajobo
Imperial Liaison - EaTeM_uP
Imperial Advisor of Foreign Affairs - Quantum Leap
Minister of Love - Medic32
Minister of Plenty - Mompson
Minister of Truth - Mergerberger, Sir Phobos, Knight of Mars, Beater of Ass
Minister of Peace - Hullean
Deputy Minister of Peace - WarGod0001
Deputy Minister of Truth - Tevron
Deputy Minister of Love - Nicki Nemesis
Deputy Minister of Plenty - Vindicator

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