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You have been invited to a small and growing alliance! We are the Italian Empire, We are a small alliance our theme is Imperial Italy but this doesn't mean you have to be Italian to join.
We won't pressure you or bribe you into doing things you don't want to do. In fact, as a member, the only thing we require of you is to protect your allies and join the forum located here http://italianempire.forumotion.com/and apply in the membership applications. As a member, if you are attacked we will go to war against your attacker. So if you are interested in joining a small, growing alliance, a community, and want to gain the most knowledge you can get out of Cybernations we have an academy and on completion we will award you with 3 million. So if you are interested in joining a small growing alliance than join the Italian Empire today!

BTW government positions are available


Government positions available are

Praetor (Director of Defense)-

Praetor Parvalus (Assistant Director of Defense)-

Affari Esteri ( Director of Foreign Affairs)-

Affari Esteri Parvalus (Assistant Director of Foreign Affairs)-

Qaestor (Director of Economics)-

Aedile (Director of Education)-

Censor (Director of Recruitment)-

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