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Organization XIII Announcement

Joseph Black

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Leaders of Bob,

I come before you today to celebrate something I only dreamed was possible, the year celebration of Organization XIII. We've our ups and downs, saw friends come and go, but we've held true to our principles and have been stood by many great individuals and alliances. All of them need to be recognized for their contribution to today's announcement. I recently had Herooftime55 forge metals to be given both internally and externally.

[img]http://i51.tinypic.com/2yy329t.png[/img] The Silver Metal of Friendship is awarded this day, 9/02/11 to the following individuals:

Ernesto Che Guevara
King Ameris
Lady Kirke
Lord Boris
Peggy Sue

.... continues.......

Well that day never came, and after finding this so close to what would have been the 2 year anniversary of XIII, I decided to pass along the metals to the individuals who would have received them, it's a bit of a nostalgic moment since at the time of writing this XIII had 25 members almost 600K NS and was almost clear of being a protectorate, but it didn't come to be, and XIII is just one of the alliances that live on in Blood for Friends.

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