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A Commonwealth Announcement

Liz Girard

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[b]Just a quick announcement to introduce our newest government members in CSN today.
Congratulations to Nutkase who will be taking over for Lenny during his sabbatical as Minister of Foreign Affairs!
Congrats to Shouas who will be taking over for JD252 while his... paperwork... is pending as Minister of Interior Affairs!


[b]IRC[/b]: #csn on irc.coldfront.net [i]*@ and up are government*[/i]
[b]Forums[/b]: [url=http://cncommonwealth.com/forum/index.php]Link[/url]
[b]Cybernations Wiki[/b]: [url=http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Commonwealth_of_Sovereign_Nations]Wiki[/url]


[b][u]Executive Leaders[/u][/b]
[b]Head of State[/b]: Liz
[b]Deputy Head of State[/b]: SpacingOutMan
[b]CSN overlord in 15 minutes or less[/b]: Fort Pitt

[b]Minister of Defense[/b]: Gibsonator21
[b]Deputy of Defense[/b]: Requia
[b]Minister of Foreign Affairs[/b]: Nutkase
[b]Deputy of Foreign Affairs[/b]: Severius, Lennybronx :wub:
[b]Minister of the Interior[/b]: Shouas
[b]Deputy of the Interior[/b]: JD252 (True overlord)

[b]Director of Raiding[/b]: Requia
[b]Director of Education[/b]: Atrakki
[b]Director of Finance[/b]: Zoli
[b]Director of Recruitment[/b]: Jasch
[b]Deputy of Recruitment[/b]Valdoroth
[b]Director of Trades[/b]: Clash



[b][u]Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pact[/u][/b]
The Templar Knights
Global Order of Darkness
Random Insanity Alliance
Nuclear Proliferation League
Coalition of Royal Allied Powers

[b][u]Mutual Defense Pact[/u][/b]
The Chestnut Accords

[b][u]Optional Defense and Optional Aggression Pact[/u][/b]

[b][u]Non Aggression Pact[/u][/b]
Dark Templar

Joint Strike Force
Opus Dei

[b][u]Other Protected AA's[/u][/b]
The Blood Brothers
Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations Applicant
CSN Applicant[/center]

PS. Roll Legion

Edited by Liz Girard
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[quote name='Dochartaigh' timestamp='1348115647' post='3032110']
wtf, when did nutkase go to CSN?????????

when you started being less active on IRC :P

[quote name='Facade' timestamp='1348115724' post='3032113']
Nutkase...as a MoFA...?War commencing in 3...2...1... :P

I say that's a good thing :awesome:

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[quote name='Lord Boris' timestamp='1348109233' post='3032063']
Finally an SF plot I can get behind. :awesome:

Personally I think they should plot to roll you but that is just me. That one at least would make more logical sense than other things!

ShouAS as government again? Planet Bob will explode.

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