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A Good Old Fashioned Brawl


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Well, due to the boredom currently hitting us, two players have decided to have a duel. Swatch0 of The Combine, and d3mon of The Imperial Order. I'm sure you all know Swatch, that warmongering !@#$%^&. He's never satisfied, after all. He will be facing off with a TE friend of his, who is a newcomer to my eyes. So, I can't speak much for his history. Sleepers are always good.

The duel will feature only Ground Attacks, Spy attacks, and Cruise Missiles. Aircraft attacks were left out due to the tech difference between nations. However, that is made up for by d3mon having 1k more Infra.

This thread will be used by both nations to update their attacks. Regardless of who wins, it is a war for fun, and both players will walk away with casualties!

o/ d3mon
o/ Swatch0

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Good luck D3mon, doubt you need it though :) Just an update. I have purchased up to 4399 infra from 3999 to increase my odds. Didn't seem to make a slight difference. Managed to get one succesful GA @ 22 odds. So far D3mon has made 4 succesful GA's.

Needless to say,
o/ casualties
o/ D3mon
o/ Me

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[quote name='BloodFury' timestamp='1348035309' post='3031723']
Swatch, if you fail, I will find you, and I will kill you.

And good to see tC and TIO on better relations than the last time we had to deal with something together.

I think we dealt with it swimmingly ;)

o/ Fighting for improved relations!

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