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The Exporting of Goodwill and Fine Products

Captain Enema

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All good things come to pass and the day of the small family owned enterprises making up the bulk of Irish industries has been sent screaming it's way into the ash bin of Irish good intentions and history. The very idea of supporting small family own businesses was more of propping up of the conservative elements of the old Catholic Ireland. Those elements were rapidly being overtaken by a newer generation of highly ambitious businessmen and a generation of Irish peoples not so steeped in the closed system of Catholic thinking. It came as no surprise to the younger generation of Ireland that the nature of Irish business would merge into large more productive conglomerates and socially the larger rank and file of the Catholic church defected to a rapidly growing body of Universalist Unitarian Associations.

This brings Ireland to the present as an emerging power of manufacturing and financial affairs. The Dublin Manufacturing Conglomerate consists of all those small family business who wised up and pooled their resources to create a more powerful entity along the lines of a privately owned company. The product lines include luxury goods, passenger vehicles, military equipment, electronics equipment of various types, and the Conglomerate has a strong interest in developing contacts abroad for the purposes of joint ventures. The social changes that are underway in Ireland are for the most part quiet.

Young men and women quietly are choosing not to affiliate themselves with the Catholic church. The government is no longer supporting the old legislation banning so many freedoms in the name of religious values and have done this by quietly removing those laws from the books without much in the way of comment. Taxes are quietly being levied against churches who can not prove their status as an active participant in social welfare programs, which means if a church isn't helping it's members with actual physical support, it's going to get taxed. These changes are quietly invigorating Ireland with a new found energy that for decades was lost to the confining traditions of the old Ireland.


"The Dublin Manufacturing Conglomerate proudly offers a wide line of products. The Conglomerate is looking for foreign partners for joint ventures and product orders."

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