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The CyberNations Space Station (CNSS) (IC)


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As dawn approached the leader of the Nation of WInner12345 (Who also went by the name of his country) woke up to multiple advisors yelling at him. They said they had great news about a scientific breakthrough. So he left his mansion in the Countryside of Chisagi and went directly downtown.

When he arived at the SpecOPs Room he relized that all of his major advisors where there along with multiple scientists.

Although he knew he wanted to say "What is this?" he had no chance. Top Defence Advisor, Jutyuriew Bivutyuiop, said that "2 top scientists have just completed the CNSS Mathmatical calculations Project you signed off on!"

HE Couldn`t remember signing off on anything like that but whatever.

"They say that if you are willing to team up with other nations, we could create a space station or even a colony."

No one was specticle and all of them supported the idea except for the President. But then he was reminded, if this was a succes he would be a hero. So somewaht reluctantlly, he decided to begin building a module that could be launched on a simple satilliete.

Little did he know the support he would recieve from other nations of the world.

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